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happy halloween

 wednesday: october 31st


happy halloween, everyone! 

today davey will wear this little outfit (with an added jack-o-lantern hat) to go around downtown bellingham. he’s still spitting up quite a bit and i know he won’t make it the whole day in one outfit, so we’ll start with this one and move to the cute ghost onesie and ghost hat for the evening.


here are two darling photos from lunch with grandpa  & grandma on sunday:


in the second photo, davey was talking up a storm with grandpa. he is DEFINITELY a chatterbox. and believe it or not, that means he takes after his daddy. dave was a talker when he was younger. he must’ve used up all his words, though, because he’s not much of a talker anymore. i, on the other hand, was too SHY to talk when i was little and now i’ll talk anyone’s ear off. go figure. 


and here are some fun photos from play group on monday:

that’s ellie jo holding davey. ellie has ALWAYS LOVED babies. she’s too cute! we were the first to arrive to play group on monday and we were over 20 minutes late. stacy accidentally made a comment "maybe no one’s coming" and i guess ellie just broke into tears. poor thing. and just minutes later, davey and i pulled into the driveway and other people arrived shortly thereafter, so ellie had lots of friends to join her in playing and crafting!


and i LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos from playgroup. stacy has two little girls – ellie (age 3) and lily (age 1). so they have lots of pink and purple toys, dolls and jewelry and other fun GIRLIE things. so here are my two FAVORITE photos of HENRY that day. i took these photos so i could try to blackmail henry’s dad (tim) just because i think it’s funny!

henry with a purple necklace around his neck and pushing a pink stroller. note: HE put the necklace on. no one encouraged him or suggested it. it was actually one of the toys that i think ALL of the kids played with that day!


and this photo:  

henry wearing a pink hat and pushing a stroller. again, no one suggested he wear the hat. no one put it on his head – it was his own choice. and seconds before this photo was taken, he was actually wearing the hat correctly – but it’s pink!!  :)


and here’s davey LOOKING like he’s enjoying tummy time (from Tuesday), though he really wasn’t:

dave got him to spend a little more time on his tummy on tuesday evening and he never got mad but he did get tired. we’re really trying to have davey practice tummy time a little bit each day so he can work on holding himself up on his elbows and then work on rolling over. his neck is really strong and he can hold his head up pretty well (though he’s still a bobble head when he’s tired) and his legs are really strong (have been since he was born) so there’s still some thought that he might skip crawling and move straight to walking. if that’s the case, Lord give me energy!!  :)


and finally, last night i walked into the living room after being out of the room for about 10 minutes and this is what greeted me:

once again, my heart melted. i think my heart melts about 100 times a day these days. i love seeing my boys together. i love seeing dave hold davey. i was talking with someone recently about the "weirdness" of love. it’s weird b/c you can never run out of it. when i married dave, my heart was full. i never thought i could love someone so much. and then we had davey. and i still love dave just as much (if not MORE) than i did before, but now my heart is filled with MORE love…. love for davey, too. when we had davey, my love for my husband didn’t decrease so i would have some love to give to my child. instead, my love grew. that’s kind of a weird concept to think you’re full to overflowing with something and before you know it, there’s MORE added to your bucket… and there was room for it. 


okay. enough rambling. tomorrow we’ll try to post photos from our halloween adventures. stay safe today, everyone, and don’t get sick eating too much candy!

nuttin’ much

 tuesday: october 30th


 so here’s my cute baby boy… it’s his 3 month photo, though it was taken closer to 3 and a half months of age. he looks SO BIG here… all chubby and roly-poly. he’s just my little darling!



we did not end up doing our family photo shoot (and davey’s 3 month photos) on friday night b/c dave got home too late (and davey was sleeping). we did take the above photo over the weekend, though. i’m hoping we can do photos of davey ASAP, but with our schedule, we might have to skip 3-mo pictures and do 4-mo pictures instead!


the weekend was tiring. i helped out at a church event (the ladies’ tea – i was in the kitchen) all day saturday and when i got home, i fell asleep on the couch for a 90-minute nap. yep. that means i was exhausted. we even missed an awesome party (sorry kim!) – dave was gonna dress up as bob ross (the painter from the 70s)… would’ve been fun. sunday was kinda long, too, with church, family lunch and then a special planning meeting at church on sunday night. davey was pretty fussy ALL DAY on sunday – i thought it was from me being gone so much on saturday. nope. 


when he woke up at 6 yesterday he had all these dried crusties under his nose. poor little guy either never got over that first cold OR got a new one. this one hit pretty hard. last night we put the humidifier in his room and he slept really well AND he could actually breathe through his nose when he woke up. 


i’m pretty much working around the house this week trying to clean up various messes. i cleaned up my craft area on sunday. yesterday i made a big dent in our home office. i’d like to work on the bonus room some more and maybe even on the garage… but i have to figure out where to STORE everything first…. do i save stuff for a garage sale or do i call ARC. i just can’t decide. tomorrow, however, we are going into bellingham to run a few errands and maybe to take davey trick or treating to some of the downtown stores (it would be carrilee, henry, davey and i). 



i need your help (contest)

Friday: October 26th


Davey’s been sleeping well this week… I’m so proud of my baby boy, even though he’s growing up much too quickly! Dave and I are hoping to do a photo shoot (at home) tonight (of Davey and of all three of us)… for Davey’s (belated) 3 month photos. We’ll see how the evening goes.  



We ran some errands today, including a trip to the store ( where I dropped off my store projects and then purchased a FEW scrappin’ goodies AND some fun, new home decor stuffs. I bought three cool alterable frames to play with for Davey’s room. And I bought some of our new vinyl products ( for the front of our house and for Davey’s room (can you tell I’m trying to FINALLY finish his room?)!


Wanna see what I got?


So I bought that wood strip and I bought a "bless this house with love and laughter" vinyl phrase. I cut off the end of the phrases (now I have to find a good place to use it!) and adhered the first part to my wooden board. I added a picture hangar on the back and hung it outside by my front door. If the window in my front door was all one instead of in three segments, i would have put a phrase right on the glass (it looks SO COOL when you do that)!


And here’s what i bought for Davey’s room:

yep. that red phrase "i adore you" is vinyl. (the "precious" is a wooden world i found at a craft store YEARS ago.) as you can tell, i think davey likes the special message above his changing table. 


here’s the same phrase (including davey in the photos) in two other photos, as well:


(some day I’ll eventually hang the valance for his window)!




So what help (the title of my post) do I need from you? I need you to help Dave and I come up with something cool to "say" in vinyl above Davey’s crib. Here’s our plan: three photos of baby animals from our African safari adventure will be printed onto canvas (probably 11×14 in size). I want a vinyl phrase for above (and/or below) the canvases. I want more of a piece of advice to Davey rather than a quote (though I’ll gladly take a quote if it fits the need) and I want it to be NOT cheesy (which is why I need your help b/c I’m out of ideas – all of mine are "cheesy"). Something along the lines of "life is an adventure so live it to the fullest" or "take time to explore" or SOMETHING. I want it to relate to the photos at least a little bit. You can respond in the COMMENTS section here or you can e-mail me ( your suggestions. 


Whoever provides what we end up using in Davey’s room will win a SUPER COOL PRIZE (that is currently in the "to be determined" stage, though it may  have to involve winning your very own item with vinyl, eh?!). Entries and suggestions will be taken from now through November 9th (two weeks from today).

a good day

 Thursday: October 25


davey chillin’ in his boppy on wednesday evening (while i was cleaning the kitchen):



so yesterday turned out to be a pretty darn good day. i was able to start working on one of my store sample projects during part of davey’s morning naptime. and then i remembered that i was supposed to get the oil changed in the wrx… so i got davey all ready and loaded into the car. i got in. pulled out my keys and attempted to put the pathfinder key into the ignition. hmmmm… slight problem. and then i remembered that the REST of my keys were in the pathfinder… which dave had taken to work. sigh. so i called him and apologized and then davey and i went for a walk (there was a brief break in the rain!).


davey and i headed back inside after our walk and he was pretty chill… pretty sleepy, too. so we went upstairs to my craft area and he fell asleep while i worked on my store project. i moved him to his room so i could be a little noisier as worked and wouldn’t ya know it…. he slept for almost TWO HOURS IN A ROW. yep. first time he’s done a nap like that for mama! i was able to COMPLETE one project for the store and start another one. yippee! here’s a little peek: 



then uncle jeff came over for a visit (and fell asleep on our couch as he so often does), though hedid stay awake long enough to play with davey while dave & i ate dinner. after a short nap by uncle jeffy, we all enjoyed a fresh apple crisp. mmmmmm. (thanks again, rachel, for that recipe)! (check out davey’s smile in that first photo, he’s SOOOOOO happy!)



another 8 hours

 wednesday: october 24th


davey slept for 8 hours again last night. he did this once before, about a week or two ago. he pretty regularly will do a 6-7 hour stretch, but 8 hours? it was nice. SOOOOO nice! hopefully this will continue (though i’m not holding my breath)!


while davey played with grandma yesterday (and pooped out of his diaper and spit up everywhere – sorry grandma!), i taught two card classes at the store, picked up goodies for TWO store sample projects AND got to PLAY a little bit. i made two layouts AND started a mini book (and i went to the mall and costco to return a bunch of stuff we didn’t need). so i had a productive and FUN day. i don’t have any reports to write for work today, so i’m hoping in-between laundry i’ll be able to work on my store samples a bit. i have to tell you that it felt SO GOOD to play with paper and adhesive and photos again yesterday. projects just for myself. LOVED it!


and as i wandered around the store, i gained some new ideas for home decorating projects. we have this awesome new product that we simply call "vinyl" (though we have a cool title for it – "Decorate Your Life") and i’m working hard to think about a cool vinyl phrase to hang above davey’s crib. and on a sign outside of our front door. and maybe one for in our stairway. and…… yeah. it’s addicting!


sorry for the lack of photos today… i just don’t have any new ones yet! hopefully we’ll do a 3-month photo shoot of davey this weekend (before he’s closer to 4 months than 3 months!) and between then and now, i’ll try to take some new photos for ya!


cool books

 tuesday: october 23rd


today i head to the scrapbook store to teach tuesday card class. i’m looking forward to the break – davey was a little fussy yesterday (even at night with daddy) so while i love him dearly and will miss him, i’m grateful for the opportunity to have a day without him interrupting me every 30 minutes! i did (eventually) get my three progress reports (for my "regular job") written, but it took pretty much the WHOLE day to accomplish 3 hours worth of work. davey wasn’t much for naptime yesterday. hopefully we can continue to work on that. i think my day-to-day will get much easier once he’s sleeping well at night (which he’s been doing great!) and is taking at least one decent nap a day. i really am trying to be patient. in the moment it’s pretty hard, but when i look back to where we were just 3 months ago, i can see how far we’ve already come. 


on friday, we received TWO packages in the mail. thanks for the cute outfit, aunt lo – it should fit davey any day now! the other package was from a dear friend of mine from israel (she lives in indiana). ellen is actually the WONDERFUL person who taught me how to tell a story so people would WANT to hear it. love ya, ellen! but back to the package – ellen was introduced to a series of books when she had her second daughter (i think)… it’s the "David" series. she sent us three books and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them. i’m hoping that grandpa & grandma or nana will finish the collection for davey for christmas! here’s a photo of the three books ellen gifted to davey:

i like the illustrations in these books. they’re pretty funny. AND they have a good message, teaching children manners, what NOT to do in school, etc. in the "david smells!" book (teaching about the 5 senses), the last page even reads "peekaboo davey!" – i LOVE that! i think davey will really enjoy these books when he gets a little older, though i sure love them now!


before davey got TOO fussy for daddy last night, here are some photos of him sitting on daddy’s chest while daddy tried to watch TV:


(sorry ’bout the red eye – too lazy to spend the time fixing that)! i LOVE that second photo… davey LOVES to smile and he’s talking up a storm these days. i can’t WAIT to hear the sound of his giggle… i wonder how much longer until we hear that?


shortly after these photos were taken, davey got really fussy and wouldn’t chill out, so we got a bottle ready and dave fed him. true to form, davey spit up quite a bit all over daddy. it just wouldn’t be a "feeding by daddy" if davey DIDN’T spit up on him. sigh. i thought we were doing better in this area, but the last few days we’ve moved BACK into the "lots of spit up daily" category. oh well. i’m still hoping he’ll grow out of this mess. there’s hope, right?!

back to work already

 monday: october 22


today is my first day "back to work" at my "regular" job. today is all about getting report due dates written into my day timer and "announcing" my return to the company. i’m curious how this will work out, but i’m so thankful that i can work as few (or as many) hours as i want AND that i can work from home.


love these photos: binky in…. binky out!



on friday we had our friends, the olsons, over for dinner. oliver will be two in january (he was born in indonesia) and baby #2 is due in early november (so pretty soon)! oliver LOVED little davey and wanted to hold him UNTIL i pulled out the camera. then, as with most little kids, it was all about taking pictures and then LOOKING at the pictures on the camera. children today will never know the frustration of getting a roll of film back from the developer only to find the one photo you really wanted didn’t turn out!



and on sunday night, after the olsons gave their presentation at our church, oliver wanted to help dave carry davey out to the car:


other weekend events included lunch with the family yesterday:

davey really loves his uncle tom. last week, tom spent about 10 minutes sitting on the floor with davey and the two of them just talked and talked and talked (davey really likes to "talk" these days). and while i didn’t get a photo last week, i did get this one yesterday at the mexican restaurant, when, once again,  uncle tom and davey were speaking the same language!


i got some "me" time on saturday afternoon. i went out to lunch ("tea") with christy and melissa as a belated birthday celebration for christy. we had a great time and i still can’t contain my excitement that they’re BOTH pregnant!! i LOVE these girls! (melissa was my first real friend in lynden and christy was my roommate before we each got married)


it was a pretty low-key weekend, which was nice. next saturday will be crazy for me and the weekend after is a big 27-hour crop (scrapbooking event) that i’ll be attending (without the munchkin). i’ll be teaching two classes at the event and then i’ll actually get to scrapbook the rest of the time (well, i’ll sleep, too)!


as for sleep, davey is doing pretty well. he has a few nights here and there where he just has to wake me up at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. but for the most part, he’s really hitting a stride from around 10 p.m. to 4 or 5 a.m. i think that’s pretty darn good for a 3-month old. so now we’re working on making naps a bit more consistent! 



and here’s what my little man is wearing today (and yes, he also wore it on friday night, but it has been washed since then):



 thursday: october 18th


it seems that my heart hurts so often these days. i can no longer even count how many of my friends have had miscarriages (and several of them have had more than one). i don’t know what to say. how to respond. what to tell them that they don’t already know. my friends that are believers know the most often quoted passages: Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13…. the list goes on.


but tonight at my Precepts class, I wrote down a few quotes from Kay Arthur (who wrote the Precepts Bible studies), as I feel they are very pertinent to all of my dear friends suffering a loss that I cannot even comprehend at this time. so bear with me here, as I type out my thoughts (I’m still processing this, so hopefully it makes some sense).


To put everything in context, we’re studying the life of Joseph (Genesis 37 through 50, though we only did chapters 37, 38 and 39 this week and only two of those chapters are about Joseph) and before I share Kay’s quotes, I want to tell a bit about Joseph’s story (Kay’s quotes will have more meaning this way).


Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob, but the first son by Jacob’s favorite wife, Rachel. Joseph, therefore, was the favorite/favored son of Jacob. And because he was his father’s favorite, all of his brothers HATED him. Yes. The Bible really does say that they HATED him (Genesis 37: 4 and 8) to the point where they "could not speak to him on friendly terms." They hated him so much they couldn’t even talk with him. speak to him nicely. they couldn’t even PRETEND. that’s intense hatred. who else was hated by His own people? Jesus.


So we have Joseph who is hated by his 10 older brothers and his 1 younger brother (and his mom died giving birth to that younger brother, so he only has his dad who loves him – LIKES him, even). His brothers PLOT against him (Gen 37: 18) – they discussed KILLING him until the oldest brother, Reuben, convinced the other brothers to simply throw him into a pit. The story unfold that they decided not to kill him and not to leave him in the pit but instead to SELL HIM into SLAVERY (Gen 37: 27) and make some money. 


A cross reference here is Genesis 42:21. This cross reference reveals more to us about how Joseph responded to his brothers selling him – "Then they said to one another, ‘Truly we are guilty concerning our brother, because we saw the distress of his soul when he pleaded with us, yet we would not listen…’"  Joseph PLEADED with his brothers NOT to sell him. Not to do such evil to him. But they did it anyway. 


So Joseph ended up as a slave in EGYPT (a whole ‘nother country!). But "the Lord was with him [Joseph]" – (Genesis 39:2, 3, 21, 23). More "bad" stuff happened to Joseph throughout chapter 39, but it tells us in the text that the Lord was with him. God knew what was going on. He ALLOWED the "bad things" to happen to Joseph. We don’t know if Joseph felt abandoned by God. He definitely did not know the final outcome of his own story, but God did. 


And in tonight’s video lecture, Kay Arthur provided these words of encouragement to us:


"In the midst of pain, it is hard to remember that God is soverign." 


"In the midst of pain, God is still there. He has not left His post [throne]."

"We can endure. We can make it. Because God is on His throne." 


So tonight, my words to share with my friends who are grieving and mourning are not the verses that they have probably heard 100 times (or more) already. Instead, I tell YOU to remember the story of Joseph. This story reminds you that God is still there. He is still Soverign. He still loves you. He has NOT forgotten you. 


"Even these may forget, but I will not forget you. Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands." Psalm 49:15b-16a


My prayers are will ALL of you, dear friends. I love you all so very much. 

’tis the season

 wednesday: october 17th


’tis the season for colds…. and davey has his first. poor little guy has watery eyes and a runny nose… yet he’s stuffed up, too, ‘cuz he’s snoring like crazy when he sleeps. he can’t even suck on his binky too well. i will definitely give him some infant tylenol tonight before bed and hopefully he’ll be over this cold quickly. kinda ironic, though, that i’ve avoided putting davey in the church nursery for the simple fact that i wanted to "protect him" from all the germs those kids share with one another!


before i realized davey had an actual cold, i did a mini photo shoot with him this morning b/c he was wearing his GOOGLE onesie (compliments of his uncle john who works in the new york GOOGLE office) and he looked SO DARN CUTE! 


so in this photo, it looks like he’s giving the "thumbs up!" signal to google while rubbing his eye with his other hand (fist):


and in THIS photo, it looks like he’s giving the "thumbs down" sign to google:


and since the photos were taken one right after the other, i’m not sure which one he really means!


despite his cold, davey continues to be a HAPPY and ACTIVE baby. he LOVES to flail his arms and kick his legs, and this morning was no different: 

I love seeing the BLUR his moving hands/arms create when i turn the flash on my camera to "off."


today’s adventures included a trip to the orthodontist; a trip to deals only (where purchases included three more pairs of shorts for davey for a whopping $1 each and a pair of mossimo brand bermuda shorts for me for a buck, among other things); lunch with daddy; a stop at Treasury; and a quick visit to the grocery store. 

fatty mc fat-fat

 tuesday: october 16th


Yesterday I forgot to mention that mr. chubby chunk is also exploring the world with his hands and his mouth these days. often times, the hands will wind up in/around his mouth, which makes for hands covered in slobber, but it’s so darn cute! He also rubs his eyes before and after naptime (or at night and in the morning), he LOVES to stretch when waking up from a nap. He knows faces and voices and he still smiles at his daddy’s hair (gotta LOVE that afro!). He’s even more alert than he used to be (I wasn’t sure that was possible) and he can follow (with his eyes) a toy that is held in front of him… he seems to have great eye sight. His weight (on a home scale) is 11.4 pounds and he’s about 23 or 24 inches long… he’s really growing up before my very eyes!


last night he fell asleep in his car seat after pulling his binky out of his mouth…. if you look closely, you can see the binky in his hands!


this morning he was really fussy when i was trying to get ready. i was convinced he needed to fall asleep, but he kept fighting it. i finally put him in his boppy on the bathroom counter (i was right there the ENTIRE time) so he could look at the bathroom vanity lights. within 2 minutes, this is what he looked like:


when a mama has a lot of things to carry downstairs in the morning, including a sleeping baby, what’s the best way to do it all at once? in a laundry basket, of course! and davey loved the ride!