two months

Today my son is 2 months old. Already? Seriously? Wow! We’ll take his 2-month photo later today (him in his crib with the elephant) so i don’t have a photo to add to this post, but i wanted to get this stuff documented before i forget.

The past two months have been a crazy roller-coaster ride. I’m slowly "getting the hang" of this motherhood thing, though I still have my days (or hours or minutes) where I feel so clueless about meeting the needs of my son. As difficult as it has been, I love being a mom. I love my son. Just one look into his big blue eyes and my heart melts. One giant open-mouthed smile from him and my heart is filled to overflowing.

I do need to daily remind myself that although he is already two months old, because he was a month early, some of his developmental tasks will come later than "normal" (like sleeping through the night). But whether he is ahead or behind of "usual" developmental milestones, I love him all the same.

has outgrown preemie clothing
is outgrowing newborn clothing
is wearing 0-3 month sizes
is making lots of funny faces
smiles a lot
is sleeping 3-5 hours at a time (most nights)
is even more alert than last month
can recognize some voices
is still sneezing daily
is hiccuping several times a week
is beginning to coo and “talk”
LOVES the baby bjorn
is still using his binky (Nuk brand) daily
is still spitting up at 95% of his meals (though usually minimal amounts)
has a double chin
friends Jaden and Lizzie and Clayton were born
LAUGHED at daddy
is eating a little bit rice cereal in his last bottle of the day
likes to kick his legs
likes to nap on his tummy (with mommy right there)
has written all of his shower gift thank you cards
is averaging a full load of "davey only" laundry every two days
is a VERY gassy kid!

2 thoughts on “two months

  1. Two months – it just doesn’t seem possible! Probably the longest and shortest two months of your life! :) Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve always had him? It just seems like they BELONG. Well, we’re so glad that Davey is a new part of our world too. It’s fun watching our friends become parents! Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow.

  2. So sweet! I can’t believe you’ve been a mama for two months already! Yay for you. It only gets better – I know, hard to believe, but it does. :)

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