tuesday: september 11th

last night, dave fed davey at 8:30. he was done by 9. he was asleep in his crib around 9:30.

and he did not wake up to be fed again until…

3:15 a.m.

that’s almost a 7-hour stretch from feeding to feeding. my little boy is growing up!

now let’s pray that he starts doing this every night but that his last feed is closer to 10 than 8!

and yesterday i mailed out the BULK of our thank-you cards (all but 7 – because i have to make some more)! and all of the envelopes for announcements are addressed… i’m just waiting for the store to print the final 100+ announcements so i can put them together and send them out!

wow. hopefully today will be a good day. happy tuesday everyone!

4 thoughts on “progress

  1. Yeah Davey! That’s so awesome. I won’t even tell you how long it was before Markus went 7 hours between a feeding… Can’t wait to see you both on Thursday!

  2. Auntie Meg’s free advice column (from someone who learned the hard way): Enjoy each time that baby has a big accomplishment – be thankful for it like it may never happen again. Be equally surprised, delighted and thankful if, by chance, that accomplishment is repeated in the near future. Keep working as diligently as you can on your schedule, but don’t ever EXPECT anything. Babies are predictably unpredictable and it’s best to recognize that what we consider “good” in the progress department is probably not the “norm”. Don’t get me wrong…Davey’s night last night is AWESOME and I’m absolutely tickled for all of you. Yeah, Davey!!!

  3. amen megs. every time i think i have markus pegged for awhile, it totally changes. that’s why as mommies we have to take each day (sometimes each hour) as it comes!

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