fun on tuesday

we were up and ready to go pretty early yesterday (10 a.m. is pretty early for a mom of a new baby, right?) so we headed into bellingham to buy diapers. we had a good time at walmart, treasury (the scrapbook store), eating lunch with daddy (olive garden – yummmmm!) and at costco. and we were heading home by 2!!

we stopped at starbucks (drive through) for a treat for us AND for brandi and then we delivered some diapers for jaden and the carmel frappacino to brandi. so here’s a fun photo of jaden (sleeping) and davey (wiggling):

  it’s obvious who’s older at this point, and davey’s head is bigger, but check out jaden’s hands! and ultimately, while davey is "fuller" looking, their weight isn’t far apart!

here’s a cute one i snapped of my little guy – i’m just sad my finger is in the photo, but i love his happy eyes and his almost smiling mouth!

and last night we walked over to great-grandma’s to make sure we could say goodbye to aunt mary before she left for california (going home) this morning. she just LOVES little davey!

all-in-all, yesterday was a successful day because i also did a full load of laundry (start to finish, INCLUDING putting AWAY the folded clothing), emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen, rag cleaned the kitchen floor (aka: a wet rag and my foot pushing it around the floor), washed a few more of davey’s baby toys (so he can play with them), NURSED (successfully) twice… yeah. i felt like i accomplished a lot at a relaxed pace.

and today – we have limited plans. we already went for a walk with jessica, ellie and addisen (it’s only 11:45 a.m.). we’re going to make a cake for tomorrow’s play group, which means we have to go to the store and get the goodies – ‘cuz mama wants to decorate it, too. and we have a few quick errands to run in lynden (the bank and the drug store). so today is a slower-paced, chill out at home kind of day. yippee!

oh yeah – at costco yesterday, i splurged and bought TWO more pairs of jeans (i bought one pair about two weeks ago). they have LUCKY brand jeans for ONLY $40 a pair (so i now own two pairs) and levi’s for $18 (so i own one pair). i now have THREE pairs of jeans that FIT (and are a little snug so they should still fit well when i lose my last 10 pounds). i honestly do not REMEMBER the last time i had three pairs of jeans at one time that actually fit…. we’re talking YEARS, here…. probably about 10 years or more. crazy, i know! now i just need to get some shirts that fit and don’t show my post-baby muffin top!  :)

oh yeah – the sleep thing:
i have no "expectations" for my child and his sleep habits/patterns. i’m taking it all one night at a time (sometimes justs 3 hours at a time) right now. but last night he ate at 10:15 (was asleep by 11) and didn’t wake up until 3:15 for his next feeding. so another 5-hour stretch… i’m so proud of my baby boy!

2 thoughts on “fun on tuesday

  1. cute kids! :) they will be playing together before we know it! thanks again for thinking of me on your diaper run and for the delicious treat! it was so sweet of you! :) we’ll go for a walk one of these days real soon. maybe earlier in the day so i’m not too tired by the time we make it out there! ;) love ya!

  2. Love the picture of Jaden and Davey. One of my high school friends and I had babies about the same distance apart as these two little guys and had the same weight issues. It’s so doggone funny to think that they weigh about the same, but one’s basically immobile yet and the other seems so “grown up”. I can’t wait to see how these two get along in the years to come. :) How lucky they are to have moms and dads and grandpas and grandmas that are friends!

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