tuesday: september 4th….

a short post today, mainly just to let you know we’re alive and doing well. i’ll update you soon, but for now, here’s davey getting a bath from daddy on sunday morning:

some days davey likes getting a bath. other days (like today) he’s not at all a fan and screams through the whole thing. i’m still trying to "read" my baby!

2 thoughts on “bathtime

  1. What a little cutie! Cami hated every bath until she moved into a seat in the regular bathtub at 5 months. We have pics of her SCREAMING. On the other hand, the boys always loved their baths, no matter what “venue” they were in. I don’t remember either of them crying in it after they were a few days old. As Nate got older, he sometimes cried if I wouldn’t let him have a bath at the moment!!! Baths and showers have always been cheap entertainment for him. :) No matter what the babies thought of their bath, don’t they just smell SOOOOO good afterwards?!

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