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karen russell rocks


Karen Russell is hands-down, my FAVORITE scrapbook teacher EVER. She’s funny, energetic and LOVES to laugh (at herself and with others)! Her class on Friday night at Treasury of Memories was WONDERFUL. I LOVE the project (I’m still finishing it up – it’s 99% full of photos of my Davey-baby!) and I LOVE her product (she does designs for several companies). AND I did (once again) dance on a table at the store so I could win a prize (I’m shameless about getting free stuff, ya know?)! Unfortunately for all of you, I don’t have any photos of me dancing on the table (Karen took one, though). I do, however, have a photo of me with Karen:

After the photo was taken and I took a peek at it, I commented to Karen that we’re the cutest things EVER! And we are darling, aren’t we? Check out those smiles…. big, bright and genuine! How in the world does this wonderful woman connect with so many people so easily? She’s REAL. As many of you know, I LOVE people who are "REAL." People who are honest. Open. And don’t pretend that everything is perfect. Admit they are human. And Karen does that. Especially on her blog (, which is one of my favorite things to read daily (or sometimes several times a day). Her stories are real life. Heartfelt. Honest. Genuine. And she shares the good, the bad and the ugly (sometimes all at once). She does the same thing in her scrapbook pages and projects. She’s a very gifted story-teller and I wish that one day we could go to lunch (or dinner) and trade stories for hours. She’s one of those people where something wild ALWAYS has to happen (like losing two debit cards in 2 months – including losing one somewhere between home and the scrapbook store; or having a daughter who likes to wear mama’s underwear around her neck around the house; yeah…. i could go on with stories that i’ve read on her blog)

So to Karen I say a great big THANK YOU for making the LONG DRIVE from Oregon to Bellingham for our class on Friday night. THANK YOU for being a real person. THANK YOU for connecting with me. THANK YOU for keeping scrapbooking as your PLAN "A." And THANK YOU for reminding me not only to scrap the "non-perfect" photos, but to ENLARGE them when I scrap them. You are an inspiration!

And just for fun (please pardon the photos…. i’m too lazy to scan the layouts):
here’s the layout i made after the june 2006 class i took with karen (advanced transparencies):

and here are the two projects from that class:

john & babi in block island:

and this layout (celebrating dave and i and our first date – a sonics game) which i framed and have hanging in our upstairs hallway:

and totally unrelated…. my neighbor across the alley had a garage sale today and i got a huge pile of clothing for davey for only $12!! and it’s already washed and ready to put away in his room!

almost the weekend

Friday: september 28th.

so it’s almost the weekend… yippee! we like the weekend. we like when daddy is home to help with davey (more) and to play with davey and to give mama a break and for mama and daddy to get to spend some time together… all those good things.

this little guy:

is still sleeping pretty well. he has this internal alarm clock that tells him when it’s 4 a.m. (turns out his buddy jaden does, too…. wonder if it’s because that’s so close to the time when they were born?). but with 10 minutes of crying and then the addition of the binky to his mouth, he’s doing well at going BACK to sleep. in fact, last night (this morning?) when he woke up at 4 a.m. he didn’t cry for a full 10 minutes, so we didn’t get up. it was 5:45 a.m. when he finally cried and i had to go and give him his binky. he had a rough time from then until 7 when we put him in bed with us…. and he finally got to eat at 7:30 a.m. So he’s doing well, but he doesn’t quite have the hang of sleeping "through the night" yet. we’ll get there. i have faith that it will all CLICK for him shortly.

Another update about the wee one is he’s into his 0-3 month clothing now. i just put away 99% of his newborn clothing (the onesies are all too short). i left out his pants and a shirt. his 0-3 month pants are a tad long, though he can wear some of them. He is wearing lots of his outfits from nana and we’re gonna have a tough time on sunday deciding what to wear to church… too many cute things! i did realize that i do need to buy this kid some more long-sleeve onesies, especially all white ones. hopefully i’ll find some (on sale) today when i run to macy’s and kohl’s before my class tonight…. 

yes. i said class. i’m taking a class at the store tonight…. a "famous" scrapbooker is coming up from oregon to teach a class. i LOVE karen russell… she’s fun, funny and a GREAT teacher and an awesome scrapper. i took a class with her over a year ago and LOVED it, so i’m super excited for tonight’s class. i have my box of supplies packed up and ready to go. my photos are all ready, though i have two wallets to pick up at costco on the way to class.

time to go feed davey (again!)… we’re down to 6 feedings a day (yippee… i NEVER thought we’d get to this point) and hopefully in a month or less we’ll be down to just 5 feedings a day. i don’t think he’s eating as much as he was a week or two ago…. maybe he was having a weird growth spurt (not at 3 weeks and not at 3 months). i love that he’s growing, but my back hurts a lot these days, so i need him to SLOW DOWN a bit so i can get used to his GRADUAL weight gain!!  :)

happy friday!


wednesday: september 26th

this cute little guy:

did AWESOME last night. he ate at 9:30 p.m. on his own, he didn’t wake up until 4 a.m. We let him cry for 10 minutes and then i went in and put his binky in, touched his head and waited for him to calm down. 7 minutes later i was back in bed. he slept for another hour. We repeated the process. he slept for 30 minutes. i got up almost immediately and put the binky back in his mouth. He slept for ANOTHER hour. And then we felt like we should finally feed him again. But it took us awhile to "get moving" so he finally ate again around 6:50 a.m.  Dave fed him and after 2 ounces, he was content. But Dave burped him and tried some more, so Davey actually ate all 4 ounces (he did spit up about 1/2 an ounce of it) but over the course of 40 minutes or so. THAT is a rare-ity b/c our child likes to CHUG his food as though we’re starving him.

And now he’s waking up from his nap so I’d best go get him!

edited to add: this night of sleep came after a day of napping. he ate at 12:30 in the afternoon & then not again until 6:15 p.m.


weekend update

sunday: september 23rd…

wow. been a crazy weekend. nana came into town on thursday night. we spent friday around the house (went through all of davey’s clothes to see what "gaps" needed to be filled) and i had to leave at 3 for a wedding.

the beautiful and talented miss carly from the scrapbook store got married to the love of her life – shaun:

it was, by far, the shortest wedding i’ve ever attended, but also one of the most beautiful. the reception was a blast… those TOM girls sure know how to have a good time! and once i had a few drinks, i loosened up and woke up!  tee hee!

and look who flew ALL THE WAY from new york for the wedding AND to meet konnor (kim’s baby) and davey:

sorry we didn’t have more time with you steph! and i’m sorry dave got fussy and i didn’t notice! (steph had to say "okay. i don’t want him anymore." before i realized davey was getting fussy. i swear, i’m losing my grip on reality most days – i just DON’T pay attention anymore)!

saturday was another wedding – danny (one of dave’s former roommates) and april:

the flowers were gorgeous and the back of april’s dress reminded me of a wedding cake – not sure why… maybe the layers looked like frosting?

both couples looked beautiful and appeared to have a wonderful time. and they’re both honeymooning in hawaii, though on different islands.

today was a big family meal after church… and from there, the day just disappeared. i have a feeling tomorrow will be more of the same ("a disappearing day") and then nana leaves early, early, early on tuesday morning and we’ll try to settle back into a routine of some sort in this household.

thanks for understanding my delay of blogging for the past few days. i’ll try to be better this week!

feeling better

thursday: september 20th

this photo is a few years old now, but today i would like to wish a happy 32nd ANNIVERSARY to dave’s parents, dave & linda:

and the photo of the day is this one of my darling boy:

he’s been a bit fussy this week (thanks to the shots on tuesday, no doubt), but he’s still smiling a lot for us and he’s a joy to have around (95% of the time)! i tried all morning to get a photo of him smiling, but he’s not yet willing to smile for the weird silver rectangular object that mama likes to hold in her hand!

i think i am 100% recovered from my bout of food poisoning. no more red robin for me for awhile. yuck! now, however, i am dealing with a sore mouth. i had yet ANOTHER visit to the orthodontist yesterday (weren’t these things supposed to be off in july?). my teeth ARE still moving as necessary, but not as quickly as we had hoped, apparently. but after talking with dr. cummins and reminding him that he told me two years, not two and a half years (he checked my chart to make sure – and i was right!), he added a few new pieces of metal and elastic to my mouth yesterday and hopefully at next month’s visit we’ll be able to talk about REMOVAL. what that means is it’s POSSIBLE i might have my braces off for thanksgiving… but almost DEFINITELY by christmas! FINALLY! it would be a WONDERFUL thanksgiving OR christmas present to me!

nana comes in tonight for a long weekend with her grandson. tomorrow i’m off to a wedding (the beautiful miss carly from the store) and then on saturday dave and i have another wedding to attend here in lynden. nana picked the right weekend to come to town!

last night, jeff (dave’s brother) and taryn (his girlfriend) came over to hang out for a few hours. i love watching jeff with davey. he LOVES being an uncle and he’s really eager to play with our little boy! soon, jeffy, very soon! the funniest part of the evening was when davey put davey up on his shoulders:

yeah. exactly. where IS he?! you can see davey’s feet next to dave’s chin, but that’s about it. he’s got BIG HAIR now! the most relaxing part of the evening was sitting in the hot tub. davey got bundled up and was put into his car seat on the deck by the hot tub. he loved staring at the lights we have hanging above the hot tub. he also loves to be outside and he loves white noise (like the hot tub’s jets), so he was pretty much in heaven out there and he was awake for a LONG LONG time just staring and sucking on his binky.

so there’s your update for the last few days. here’s one more photo of my darling boy that i couldn’t resist sharing:


tuesday: september 18th

this photo is "older" (from the 5th) but i love seeing davey holding onto his rattle. it was the second time i could get him to hold it. we’ll keep working on it!

so today we had davey’s two month check-up. mama was well rested because daddy got up with davey last night so mama could rest up and get some strength back. YEA for daddy!

davey currently weighs…..  9.1 POUNDS!

and is 21.5 inches long

i can’t believe he’s growing so quickly! i knew he was at least 8 pounds, but 9 pounds? no wonder he’s outgrowing his newborn clothing! too bad because some of it is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

he also had some shots and an oral immunization today. poor baby. he did well with the shots, though. yes, he screamed during them, but he chilled out almost immediately afterwards and he’s currently sound asleep in his carrier. and i’m gonna leave him there until he starts to fuss.

another cool thing: with this weight gain, dr. dickson said davey could potentially start sleeping through the night. so the next few nights in this household will be rough. yep. pretty rough as we try to let him cry himself through a late-night feeding. hopefully it won’t take more than a few days for him to learn this. and hopefully daddy and mama can be strong through the process. (but i am aware that it might take more than a few days. and i am aware that it might still be a little soon. but i’m willing to try. a full night’s sleep on a regular basis sounds AWESOME)!!

with that, have a wonderful tuesday! (and i am currently eating toast with strawberry preserves. my first solid food in over 36 hours – hopefully my body can handle it)!


monday: september 17th

food poisoning, to be exact. that’s what dave thinks i had (have?) and i have no other plausible explanations. i woke up at 4 a.m. and felt AWFUL. i was afraid davey was up and needed to be fed, but when i didn’t hear him at all, i crawled back in bed until i couldn’t stand it anymore. and then i was hugging the toilet bowl, dry-heaving. just when i would get it "calmed down" and crawl back into bed, i would begin to shiver and have to crawl out again to hug the porcelin bowl. not a fun experience, especially at 4 a.m.

dave got me a bucket so i could SIT on the toilet and not be afraid that i might puke all over the floor when the dry heaving began again. turns out, for the first time in my life, i really did have stuff coming out both ends at once. it was awful.

dave agreed to take care of davey and i eventually crawled back in bed where i got colder and colder and then fell asleep. around 6:45 a.m. dave headed off to work (after NOT returning to sleep from davey’s 4:30 a.m. feeding) and he wasn’t more than 15 minutes down the road when i called him back b/c both ends erupted again. i spent the next several hours alternating between sleeping, sitting on the toilet and leaning over a purple bucket.

fast forward to 4:30 p.m. (the current time). i am feeling a bit human again. all i’ve had to "eat" thus far today is 3 sips of ginger ale (two of them at room temperature), a swallow or two of room temperature water and a half a mug of peppermint tea. i think it was the tea that finally helped a bit. i’ve taken a shower, so at least i don’t look like death warmed over, though i don’t really have any color in my face.

but what i want to know is how to single parents do it? when they’re sick, who helps out with the wee ones? davey is only two months old. i did not have the physical strength (probably still don’t) to lift him out of his crib, let alone hold him and feed him every 3 hours. what would i have done without dave?

dave has been awesome today. i couldn’t have made it this far without him. he missed an all day meeting to stay home and care for our son. that’s sacrifice. and love. and i know he’s been frustrated off and on throughout the day (he’s currently wearing his THIRD shirt of the day since he’s not a fan of the davey spit-up look and smell) but he’s really handled it well. and he has stayed gentle and loving with our son.

so now begins my process of regaining strength. i have a feeling i’ll only be eating/drinking clear items today (i’m really looking forward eating jello once it sets – in about another two hours). and tomorrow i’ll start the "BRAT" diet (bland and easy to digest foods like bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). thank you to my dear friend, nurse anna, who has been an invaluable source of information to me today. my stomach thanks you!

two months

Today my son is 2 months old. Already? Seriously? Wow! We’ll take his 2-month photo later today (him in his crib with the elephant) so i don’t have a photo to add to this post, but i wanted to get this stuff documented before i forget.

The past two months have been a crazy roller-coaster ride. I’m slowly "getting the hang" of this motherhood thing, though I still have my days (or hours or minutes) where I feel so clueless about meeting the needs of my son. As difficult as it has been, I love being a mom. I love my son. Just one look into his big blue eyes and my heart melts. One giant open-mouthed smile from him and my heart is filled to overflowing.

I do need to daily remind myself that although he is already two months old, because he was a month early, some of his developmental tasks will come later than "normal" (like sleeping through the night). But whether he is ahead or behind of "usual" developmental milestones, I love him all the same.

has outgrown preemie clothing
is outgrowing newborn clothing
is wearing 0-3 month sizes
is making lots of funny faces
smiles a lot
is sleeping 3-5 hours at a time (most nights)
is even more alert than last month
can recognize some voices
is still sneezing daily
is hiccuping several times a week
is beginning to coo and “talk”
LOVES the baby bjorn
is still using his binky (Nuk brand) daily
is still spitting up at 95% of his meals (though usually minimal amounts)
has a double chin
friends Jaden and Lizzie and Clayton were born
LAUGHED at daddy
is eating a little bit rice cereal in his last bottle of the day
likes to kick his legs
likes to nap on his tummy (with mommy right there)
has written all of his shower gift thank you cards
is averaging a full load of "davey only" laundry every two days
is a VERY gassy kid!

3 and a half years

friday: september 14

three and a half years ago, our dear friends richard and christy left their safe and comfortable lives in america for an amazing God adventure in indonesia.
christy & richard with kuba & barca

fun photos of richard and christy:

and christy with oliver then (january 2006):

and christy with oliver now:

three and a half years ago our "group" only had two babies – preston and case. now, there are TOO MANY TO COUNT in my head! preston & case each have a sibling. richard and christy had oliver and another boy is expected in november. we’ve had davey and so many other friends have added to their family unit, as well.

preston, lisa & tyler:

maddie, anna & case:

so to celebrate the "homecoming" (for one year) of richard and christy, we had another play group yesterday. kelsey (and little markus) drove up from dupont. taya (and little isaiah) were in town still from little rock, arkansas. and as many of us that could gathered yesterday for another chaotic few hours of play and interrupted "adult" conversations.

group photos:

kelsey & markus:

amy & clayton:

carrilee & henry:

andrew, lizzie and shelly:

isaiah, intent on a toy:

i’m sad to say i did NOT get a photo of each mom with her kids, but maybe as the weeks and months go by i can capture a mommy & child(ren) shot of each family.

davey is currently protesting that it’s his turn to eat (i’m eating a cinnamon roll right now – my latest food addiction) so i guess i should get going. i think this will be a low-key weekend. play group yesterday threw us into a bit of a tailspin and davey had a few melt-downs yesterday.  hopefully just hanging out around the house today will "right" him (and his mama)!!

fun on tuesday

we were up and ready to go pretty early yesterday (10 a.m. is pretty early for a mom of a new baby, right?) so we headed into bellingham to buy diapers. we had a good time at walmart, treasury (the scrapbook store), eating lunch with daddy (olive garden – yummmmm!) and at costco. and we were heading home by 2!!

we stopped at starbucks (drive through) for a treat for us AND for brandi and then we delivered some diapers for jaden and the carmel frappacino to brandi. so here’s a fun photo of jaden (sleeping) and davey (wiggling):

  it’s obvious who’s older at this point, and davey’s head is bigger, but check out jaden’s hands! and ultimately, while davey is "fuller" looking, their weight isn’t far apart!

here’s a cute one i snapped of my little guy – i’m just sad my finger is in the photo, but i love his happy eyes and his almost smiling mouth!

and last night we walked over to great-grandma’s to make sure we could say goodbye to aunt mary before she left for california (going home) this morning. she just LOVES little davey!

all-in-all, yesterday was a successful day because i also did a full load of laundry (start to finish, INCLUDING putting AWAY the folded clothing), emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen, rag cleaned the kitchen floor (aka: a wet rag and my foot pushing it around the floor), washed a few more of davey’s baby toys (so he can play with them), NURSED (successfully) twice… yeah. i felt like i accomplished a lot at a relaxed pace.

and today – we have limited plans. we already went for a walk with jessica, ellie and addisen (it’s only 11:45 a.m.). we’re going to make a cake for tomorrow’s play group, which means we have to go to the store and get the goodies – ‘cuz mama wants to decorate it, too. and we have a few quick errands to run in lynden (the bank and the drug store). so today is a slower-paced, chill out at home kind of day. yippee!

oh yeah – at costco yesterday, i splurged and bought TWO more pairs of jeans (i bought one pair about two weeks ago). they have LUCKY brand jeans for ONLY $40 a pair (so i now own two pairs) and levi’s for $18 (so i own one pair). i now have THREE pairs of jeans that FIT (and are a little snug so they should still fit well when i lose my last 10 pounds). i honestly do not REMEMBER the last time i had three pairs of jeans at one time that actually fit…. we’re talking YEARS, here…. probably about 10 years or more. crazy, i know! now i just need to get some shirts that fit and don’t show my post-baby muffin top!  :)

oh yeah – the sleep thing:
i have no "expectations" for my child and his sleep habits/patterns. i’m taking it all one night at a time (sometimes justs 3 hours at a time) right now. but last night he ate at 10:15 (was asleep by 11) and didn’t wake up until 3:15 for his next feeding. so another 5-hour stretch… i’m so proud of my baby boy!