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TODAY DAVEY IS ONE MONTH OLD…. where has the month gone? (definitely not into sleep cycles for me)!

for those of you who have offered advice and suggestions about other "methods" for sleeping babies…. please feel free to e-mail me and share what you’ve learned, read, heard or experienced. i’ve only ever heard of the baby wise method so i’m willing to be exposed to other ideas.

so here’s a recap of yesterday (Tuesday the 14th):

davey looked SO CUTE napping on our bed while i took a shower:

(notice his little arms up around his head)…. he was waking up when i took this photo, hence his one eye "peeking" at the world (he does this one-eye-open thing a lot. kinda funny – i really think he’s just checking out what’s going on and whether or not he should really wake up or open his eyes).

and then after my shower, he got VERY FUSSY and there was nothing i could do to calm him down (with the exception of when he was sleeping). Around 2 in the afternoon I even tried to get him to chill out in the swing. as you can see by this photo, he wasn’t impressed with the swing at all:

he was screaming to the point where he turned deep red/purple. and he knocked his blanket on the floor, kicked off a sock and twisted himself sideways in the swing. it was rough. very rough for mama.

so we went for a walk and as long as we were MOVING, he was fine.


sometime between his post-walk nap and daddy coming home, however, he chilled out. i put him back into his swing while he was AWAKE and this was the end result – a very CONTENTED baby loving his swing so much he FELL ASLEEP  and got as comfy as possible (which for Davey usually involves cocking his head at an angle that looks painful).

and thanks to Megan’s post yesterday (sockdrawer-megan.blogspot.com/2007/08/things-that-make-me-happy.html), i was inspired to have kebobs for dinner, which also used up our peppers (which were about ready to be thrown away) so we were able to avoid wasting food (which is something i learned from my dear friend shawn – intermissions.typepad.com/snapshots/2007/07/meal-plan-mon-1.html). they were SO YUMMY… why do i so often forget about the joys of kebobs?!

and finally, our meal included some yummy white zin (sweet – just the way i like it).

(i would like to note that davey is really good about needing to be fed JUST when dinner is ready, so i’m ALREADY starting to eat cold meals on a regular basis)!

any suggestions how to avoid THRUSH in the future for davey?

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  1. I know all about having to keep the baby moving while they are in the stroller! I also know all about eating the cold dinners. I have gotten really good at eating one handed while I nurse at the kitchen table. Tacky? Maybe, but man, a mama has to eat! Oh and you said the “T” word! Thrush was my 4 month long nightmare with Noah. I had it horribly and the pain was unbearable. I used probiotics while pregnant with Olivia to make sure I didn’t get it this time around and so far so good. I also eat yogurt every day. As for the baby, I bought acidophilus in capsule form. Noah would suck the powder off of my finger, but you could dump the contents into a bottle as well. It should help keep his good bacteria and the yeast in balance. You should be able to buy it as a vitamin/ health type store. Buy the kind that is kept in the fridge and look for one that has the highest number of live cultures. If he does get thrush again, email me ASAP.I wouldn’t want it to get passed to you. I consider myself somewhat of an expert now on treating that stuff.

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