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with the wee one in my arms, i can’t go and move the photos of his shower CLOTHING from the camera to the computer (hopefully i’ll get photos of the books tomorrow) so for now, enjoy the following –

one of my "davey" layouts that’s displayed in the store: treasuryofmemories.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/08/have-you-seen-t.html
we were in the store today finalizing the design for davey’s birth announcements… hopefully the paper will arrive late next week and then they’ll get printed and i only have a little bit of "assembly" to do… so my goal is to mail them out within 3 days of picking ‘em up! and i hope to mail the thank-you cards at the same time… i bought stamps earlier this week…. in honor of my little boy, i purchased the SUPER HERO stamps! too fun!

tonight we have a surprise birthday party to attend and tomorrow is auntie rachel & uncle sterling’s post-wedding reception. additionally, some of grandma’s family (uncle flemming, aunt mary, nikolai and johnny) is in town and rumor has it that we’re having a BBQ at some point while they’re here visiting (at least that’s what Uncle Jeff said when we visited him at Starbucks today – thanks for the mocha frap, Jeffy – I needed it)!

several of you have asked how davey’s feedings are going. we’re still trying several things, but for the past few days we’ve settled into a decent routine. when we’re home during the day, we nurse. at night (for those 3 and 5 a.m. feedings) he gets formula in a bottle. and he also gets pumped milk in a bottle for a few feedings (usually around midnight and 7 a.m.). he’s actually doing well with the variety of feedings. right now, it’s all about making sure he gets BURPED throughout his feedings (no matter via what method) b/c when he’s not burped well, he spits up everywhere. we have had projectile spit up for the past two days, but we’re working on stopping that. thank goodness for resolve spray-on carpet cleaner!

and to respond to taya’s question – davey looks like the spitting image of his daddy. well, mostly, anyway. as he grows a little bit bigger, though, it appears that he has my eyes (finally, he has SOMETHING of mine other than my stubborn traits and long baby feet)!

and now it’s time to go & get ready for tonight’s party!

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