Friday: August 17th

and yet again he melts my heart…..

thank you, everyone, for your encouraging words regarding yesterday’s post. we all have those moments, especially as a new mom. i’m grateful to know i’m not the only one. yesterday was a difficult day. i know that i’ll have more days like that in the future. but for now, i am thankful that today is not like yesterday! i am also thankful for my mother-in-law who came over to hold davey so i could take a shower. and then again last night when she watched  davey while i went to see the new Jason Bourne movie with dave, dad, jeff and tom. i needed the break, even though i was exhausted.

we saw the doctor this morning and got a prescription for the thrush (though it has SIGNIFICANTLY lessened already). and here’s some exciting news:

if you can’t see the details in the photo, davey’s weight is up to 6 lbs. 4.5 oz.! that means in 2 weeks he gained 12.5 ounces! and he’s now 20.25 inches long (he was 18.5 at birth). so he’s growing. and despite all his spitting up, he is gaining weight!

here’s miss anna (also one of the nurse’s at our doctor’s office) FINALLY getting her chance to hold davey! i just LOVE the expression on davey’s face… he’s got SO MANY expressions – he’s a riot to watch!

and i learned of my garage sale tally – $218.65!!  woo hoo! that should keep me in goodies for a little while (or at least pay for davey’s birth announcements that we’re going to work on today with miss elke)!

here are some photos from yesterday – i actually caught a smile on camera. not the greatest photo, but it’s him smiling!

and then mama got silly and put davey’s pants on his HEAD!

and with that, it’s time to head to bellingham. i hope to mail out birth announcements by the end of the month… along with all of our thank you cards (which we HAVE been working on). our church shower is this coming tuesday night (the 21st) so we’ll have lots and lots of cards to mail in the coming weeks!

happy friday to everyone. and thanks again for your thoughts, prayers and kind, encouraging words. as MANY of you have indicated "this too shall pass." i love you all!

2 thoughts on “numbers

  1. These wonderful children we have been entrusted to care for are gifts from God. Always remember that and try to reach to him for strength in the hardest moments. He’ll always give you what you need. It sounds like you have some great friends who are willing to help, so don’t forget to take them up on it. We’ll continue to pray for your family. Davey is so precious. Enjoy the time while you can, even when he cries. It goes by too fast. I can’t believe my little baby is 18 months! We love you all very much.

  2. hey tam! i had to catch up on all your posts, but i read them all, and once again – like all of your friends – have to tell you that you’re doing a great job, “this too shall pass” (one of my favorite sayings when i had rough days with nolan), and that you will soon forget (kind of) all about these newborn days, get full nights of sleep, and feel completely normal again! Just enjoy every minute b/c it truly does go by so fast….
    i also have to stress not worrying too much about his schedule. he’s still SOOO young and the first month or so of life is like the 4th trimester for them – he will eventually settle into a schedule of his own. Honestly, i absolutely loved healthy sleep habits, happy child myself – rather than babywise. babywise made me too crazy and stressed out that if i didn’t do exactly what the book said that i was a failure (however it does work good for some). i like how the dr. writes in the other book – he writes about their sleep rhythms and a lot about routine and keeping things consistent no matter what you choose to do (whether it’s the family bed, whether breast fed or bottle fed…he accepts it all). But he does reccommend some crying it out, just not all at once…. gradually build up to it. anyway, i won’t sum up the whole book, but try it out – it worked great for us. i didn’t get really serious about sleep training till nolan was about 3 months old (although i tried before then!). just be a loving mother like i know you are, and davey will relax the more you’re relaxed. he is just soooo precious. i love the pics! keep up the good work and feel free to ignore my advice or take it – i know it’s hard listening to so many suggestions. just do what works for you and what you feel in your heart is right. feel free to email me always! i love you! xoxoxo

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