gotta learn

i’ve gotta learn how to get out of the house at least once a day.

i’ve gotta learn how to do household chores in-between davey’s feedings.

i’ve gotta learn how to feed davey without making a mess (can’t wait for his mouth to get bigger – this will make this object easier to "learn").

i’ve gotta learn how to do menu/meal planning.

i’ve gotta learn how to get in some me time for scrapping.

i’ve gotta learn how to take better photos.

i’ve gotta learn how to function on little sleep.

i’ve gotta learn to LET THINGS GO (like the incessant need for a sparkly clean home all the time).

i’ve gotta learn how many activities are too many in one week.

i’ve gotta learn how to be a stay-at-home mama and wife.

i’ve gotta learn how to prioritize.

i’ve gotta learn how to make dave feel special while not neglecting davey or myself.

i’ve gotta learn how to get better about ASKING for help.

i’ve gotta learn…. to stop making lists (like this one)!!!   :)

7 thoughts on “gotta learn

  1. you will. i promise. and somedays will be way better than others. there will be some when it will seem like you have learned all you need to learn and the day flows so seamlessly you will forget you ever wondered how it was possible to do it all. then there will be the days when it seems like you are right back at square one. but at the end of any of those days, all that will matter is that you have loved God, loved Dave and loved Davey as best as you could that day. missing you!

  2. It’s a day-to-day learning process. Each day gets a little better than the day before. You’re doing great! Especially when your baby surprised you by coming so early and I’m sure you had many loose strings! You will find your niche, just give yourself some more time. After each baby, I have always felt like the 6 week mark was magical. For some reason, things really started to fall into place then. Thanks for sending me your birth story. I LOVED reading it!

  3. I’m right there with you! Some days are good and I feel like I get a lot done and then some days I’m pulling my hair out. I’m trying to change my priorities and let the little things go, but it’s hard balancing 2 kids, a husband, and time for myself. Too bad we don’t live closer. Moms of babies need to stick together! :)

  4. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re not alone!! Two things have helped me in just about all of those areas and it sounds cheesy, but it is true. The first is – she taught me how to accomplish things in 15 minute segments and to establish routines so I didn’t have to think about doing things and they just got done. The second is – it’s a meal planning service that I use. I think it’s $30/year and each week they provide a new set of recipes for the week. They’re healthy, varied, easy, and usually quick to throw together. I was skeptical at first (I’m picky about my food!) but it has been a life saver, not having to wonder “what’s for dinner?” every night. I have yet to find a recipe that isn’t adaptable for our tastes. Anyway- those are my $.02. I’m thinking of you as you settle into your routine.

  5. this may seem like a no-brainer (but someone suggested it to me before i thought about it), but those first few months i actually accomplished a lot with markus strapped to me. he loved being close to me and having him in the bjorn or the moby freed my hands to be busy. i could clean the kitchen, the bathrooms, vacuum, etc. i “cooked” only with cold stuff- was afraid i would burn him if i used the stove. but it sure worked like a charm!

  6. Tam, I’d love to hear your birth story. And don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it all. It’s a little harder to adjust with your little one coming 4 weeks earlier than you expected ( we were shocked with the same surprise ) but you learn and you adapt. I’m sure you’re doing great. Talk to you soon.

  7. From someone who’s been there and now has big kids…the last item on your list is the best one!!! Cut yourself some major slack, honey! I think it’s safe to say that by now I KNOW a few things about you. One of them is that you want to “do right” by the people you care about. God knows this. If you allow yourself the luxury to tackle one thing at a time on your list, God will not think that you’re slacking in your duties or lacking in your love and desire to honor Him, the people, or the responsibilities in your life. I also know that you like to tackle things and find answers. That’s great, and I know you’ll do that. Just please don’t expend your energy being concerned that you don’t have time to find your answers. Sometimes the answer is just in just in “doing” the living. Love you lots.

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