finally in stock

friday: august 31st
it was finally in stock at my local target: the orange striped boppy i wanted. so i picked it up, came home and used it right away.

and here’s my sweetheart with our new boppy:

he’s just darling, ain’t he? and i LOVE that little fireman’s onesie he’s wearing (thanks, nana)! he has jeans to match, but he always kicks them off unless he’s strapped into his car seat or swing!

4 thoughts on “finally in stock

  1. so stinking cute. konnor has the exact same boppy and absolutely loves it and so do i. glad to see that you guys are doing well. he is looking so good and looks like he’s getting bigger…yay! take care and hope to see you and davey soon.

  2. The thing I always notice about Davey (and maybe this is weird) is his adorable little chin. It’s just so distinctive and cute. I don’t remember anything about my babies’ chins…I guess they were just non-descript. It cracks me up that Davey sleeps through church, so far. Guess he knows how to act in public, huh? :) Love you all.

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