26 days

Friday: August 10th

Today was Baby Seven’s due date. As we all know, Davey arrived earlier than anticipated and today my little baby boy is 26 days old. Hard to believe I’ve been a mama for 26 days already!

in 26 days, i’ve cried countless times. changed over a hundred diapers. been peed on. been spit up on. stopped a projectile poo (and wasted a new diaper in the process – but it was worth it). haven’t gotten more than 3 hours of sleep at a time (and usually it’s only 2 hours at a time). and my heart has grown larger than i thought possible. with every coo, cuddle and smile, i grow to love him even more.

my little preemie no longer looks like a preemie. he no longer acts like one. his face has distinctive features and expressions. my baby is often content (though not always – yesterday was a rough day for mama)! and i love him with all my heart. this whole "mama" business is new to me, and i’m struggling through a lot of it. but i’m learning and i’m trying. and davey and i are learning to work together as a team. we have a lot of "rough patches" still, and i’m sure there will be many more difficult moments in the weeks, years and months to come. but i wouldn’t have it any other way. i love my davey. (we’re currently working on a "schedule" akin to the BabyWise method).

and i would also like to add that i’m glad i’m 26 days AFTER giving birth, rather than going through that process right now! so painful!

so at 26 days:
he can hold his head up (though not for too long)
he can stand up
he can use his legs to propel himself off of anyone’s lap
he can smile (he’s been smiling since the day he was born)
he makes a lot of funny faces…. all revolving around his cute little lips
he wrinkles his forehead a lot
sometimes he likes his bath
sometimes he likes his binkie
he loves to cuddle and snuggle
he loves to be held
he is growing more alert every day
he is gaining better "control" of his arms, though he still punches himself in the eye pretty regularly
he likes his swing (though he hates getting strapped into it)
he hates his car seat (well, getting strapped into it)
he still has a little bit of jaundice in his eyes
he has been circumcised
he is a gassy baby
he spits up a lot
he hates having his clothes changed
he has a daddy and mama who love him unconditionally

One thought on “26 days

  1. Good luck with the schedule thing. It worked like magic for us–we swear by Babywise…and Toddlerwise! Alex was sleeping through the night for 7 hour stretches by 5 weeks and 10 hour stretches by 7 weeks and I have that book to thank!!

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