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finally in stock

friday: august 31st
it was finally in stock at my local target: the orange striped boppy i wanted. so i picked it up, came home and used it right away.

and here’s my sweetheart with our new boppy:

he’s just darling, ain’t he? and i LOVE that little fireman’s onesie he’s wearing (thanks, nana)! he has jeans to match, but he always kicks them off unless he’s strapped into his car seat or swing!


Thursday: August 30th.

I just got home from a visit with a good friend who moved away over a year ago (for ministry – hey… when God calls, you go!). It was great to sit down with Taya and talk about being a mom, to watch her with Isaiah, to watch her holding my precious baby boy, to connect and share and laugh… Taya, I just want you to know that you are loved and missed and I am so thankful that you arranged for our visit today! I look forward to being part of the bigger play date on the 13th!

Here’s Taya with her precious boy, Isaiah, who turned 2 in April.

And here’s Isaiah playing "this little piggy" with Davey’s fingers!

(And that’s Henry in the background – Carrilee and Henry were part of today’s visit also – love you guys, too!).

my big boy

this big boy:

ate last night at 11 p.m.

and then not again until 4:45 a.m.

and then not again  until 7:00 a.m.

so mama got a GREAT night’s sleep. yee ha!!!

and last night, daddy and davey played together for a long time…. here’s a photo of one of their activities:

davey got a ride on daddy’s shoulders. and davey tried to eat daddy’s hair. too funny!

more play group

monday: august 27th

so today was play group again… this time, almost EVERYONE was able to show up for at least a little while. it was overwhelming (again) with SO MANY KIDS running around, but it helped that it was really nice outside and sara has a HUGE backyard! i was pretty much in awe as i watched all these kids (22, i think) running around and just having a great time… and i kept thinking that in just one year, my davey will be holding his own with these kids! THAT is a crazy thought!

here are some shots from play group:

and as you know, over the weekend we had rachel & sterling’s post-wedding reception. dave took photos and though i had my camera along, i only took these two photos of davey with two of his uncles (jeff and sterling):

jeff is just in awe of his little nephew – and so proud. whenever we stop bt starbucks to visit he makes everyone look at his perfect nephew!
i love the photo of sterling with davey, too, because not only is it cute, but it’s a photo of the two newest additions to the dunkin family!

and here’s davey with his great uncle flemming…. the look on flemming’s face CRACKS ME UP!

but davey was really comfortable in flemming’s arms!

five hours?

so it’s 4:39 a.m. on sunday morning. i just fed davey (a bottle) and i’m HOPING he’s falling asleep. i’m up pumping and thought that i would just pop on to say a few words. i’m SO THANKFUL that my kid is pretty flexible. his day-time schedule gets "messed up" so often and yet he’s still pretty understanding and well-behaved. i LOVE my little guy. davey and i fell asleep while he was nursing as dave and i watched a movie. about 30 minutes later i woke up and thought "uh oh – this might be bad for having him get a good night’s sleep tonight" but he’s doing okay. he went down (in his crib) around midnight. he was pretty fussy and dave had to go back in and hold him for awhile. then it was about 1:40 a.m. so i held him for a little bit and then put him in his carseat in his crib and he was out like a light until 3:45 when he finally got some more food. that means he went 5 hours again from the start of one feed to the start of the next…. two nights in a row.


and my little boy is getting a double chin. yep. my wee one. so cute. i love that he’s filling out. now i’ve just gotta make sure to get him into all of his preemie and newborn clothing AT LEAST ONCE before he outgrows it all! i definitely have my favorite outfits that he wears over and over and over and over again. (speaking of favorites – we tried on the denim jacket today…. still a little too large).

uh oh. i think i hear some rumblings from the nursery. gotta go and get him sleeping!

edited at 10:11 a.m.
we’re skipping sunday school – so very tired today.
davey was asleep when i was done with this post so off to bed i went. but then the freakin’ neighborhood cats who roam free got in a hissing, pissy fight (likely on our deck – at least it sounded like it) and woke us ALL up at 5:45 a.m. – including davey. doesn’t help that the cats get the dogs barking, too. so i tried to calm him down and put him back in his crib, but at 6:30 the neighborhood dogs started barking so i finally had to bring davey to bed with us just so he would sleep awhile… i was too tired to sit up and hold him until he was ready to go down. and i was too tired to listen to him cry.

so much to say saturday

saturday: june 25, 2007

here’s what davey looked like yesterday when i ran into town to make the "final approval" of the design of his birth announcement. and he slept long enough that i was even able to die cut letters of the alphabet to spell out the months in his baby book. yea for sleeping baby davey! i must admit that i LOVE the little hoodie he’s wearing, so i went out and bought a few more this week in various colors and sizes (thanks to Mary Jo’s gift card!)

then we went to a surprise party last night. i don’t really have any good photos of that, but here’s davey and joshua. joshua was 6 pounds 2 ounces when he was born (about davey’s size in this photo) and now, just 6 months later, check him out…. so in 6 months, my own little davey could be a chunk! so hard to imagine!

that’s auntie brandi holding baby davey. she fed him his bottle last night at 8:45 p.m. (at the party) and he slept until 1:45 a.m. today. yes siree. he slept for 5 hours! then, i fed him around 2 a.m. and he slept until 5 a.m.  THANK YOU, BRANDI, for teaching me to burp him even MORE OFTEN than every ounce. i’m hoping this 5-hours in a row of sleeping will last for more than just last night!

and here are my boys in bed this morning around 9 a.m.

after his 5 a.m. feeding, davey ate AGAIN at 6:40 a.m. and then was fussy around 8. so at 8 he came to bed with us and was pretty good (slept most of the time) until eating again at 10. yep. we’re working on this food thing.

 and before i forget, here are the final shower photos of all the clothing davey received (mostly in smaller sizes):

check out the little jean jacket (lower right corner) – it’s got a little bit of that "sherpa fur" lining at the collar and cuffs. it’s pretty chilly here today (lower 60s) so he might wear it to auntie rachel’s post-wedding reception! and i love the little plaid shirt with jeans (lower middle-left area) – he might get to wear that to church tomorrow (or to the reception today?)! i do love ALL the clothing, but those two stand out right now b/c he might get to wear them today (they’re in the dryer right now).

and the books he has received (thus far):

there are some good ones in there, eh?

and finally, a few shots of people from my shower (thanks to brandi for taking these photos with my camera since i was busy opening presents):

the larger 1/2 circle of the attendees:

sandi (hostess) holding davey while kay reads a blessing:

(check out all those presents in the background)!

my mother-in-law, Linda Dunkin:

my former roommate and maid of honor: Christy (Yost) Fankhauser:

my good friend Brandi (due any day now):

my dear friend carrilee (who was in charge of the shower game):

and last, but certainly not least, the coolest diaper bag EVER (thanks to Linda for making this JUST FOR ME!):

(but be aware, she does make and sell these – diaper bags, bibs, burp cloths – through her company called Bella Baby…. if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get her e-mail address and/or phone number to you – she does not yet have a website).

and with that, I’m gonna go take care of my baby while Dave makes us some breakfast burritos (yummy)!

random update

with the wee one in my arms, i can’t go and move the photos of his shower CLOTHING from the camera to the computer (hopefully i’ll get photos of the books tomorrow) so for now, enjoy the following –

one of my "davey" layouts that’s displayed in the store:
we were in the store today finalizing the design for davey’s birth announcements… hopefully the paper will arrive late next week and then they’ll get printed and i only have a little bit of "assembly" to do… so my goal is to mail them out within 3 days of picking ‘em up! and i hope to mail the thank-you cards at the same time… i bought stamps earlier this week…. in honor of my little boy, i purchased the SUPER HERO stamps! too fun!

tonight we have a surprise birthday party to attend and tomorrow is auntie rachel & uncle sterling’s post-wedding reception. additionally, some of grandma’s family (uncle flemming, aunt mary, nikolai and johnny) is in town and rumor has it that we’re having a BBQ at some point while they’re here visiting (at least that’s what Uncle Jeff said when we visited him at Starbucks today – thanks for the mocha frap, Jeffy – I needed it)!

several of you have asked how davey’s feedings are going. we’re still trying several things, but for the past few days we’ve settled into a decent routine. when we’re home during the day, we nurse. at night (for those 3 and 5 a.m. feedings) he gets formula in a bottle. and he also gets pumped milk in a bottle for a few feedings (usually around midnight and 7 a.m.). he’s actually doing well with the variety of feedings. right now, it’s all about making sure he gets BURPED throughout his feedings (no matter via what method) b/c when he’s not burped well, he spits up everywhere. we have had projectile spit up for the past two days, but we’re working on stopping that. thank goodness for resolve spray-on carpet cleaner!

and to respond to taya’s question – davey looks like the spitting image of his daddy. well, mostly, anyway. as he grows a little bit bigger, though, it appears that he has my eyes (finally, he has SOMETHING of mine other than my stubborn traits and long baby feet)!

and now it’s time to go & get ready for tonight’s party!


i just spent 2 hours going through all our shower presents (clothing, cards, gifts, folding up gift bags, etc). i haven’t yet taken photos of the clothing or the books, but here’s all the other goodies received:

yep. we were a bit spoiled last night by everyone. totally spoiled. i promise to post photos of the clothing and books soon, too. but now i’m off to feed my baby who actually slept quite well last night despite sleeping through the ENTIRE shower. (and by slept "well" i mean he was fed at 11:30 p.m., 3 a.m., 5:30 a.m., 7:30 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.)!

more davey

tues: 8.21.07
tonight is my church shower and i am so excited about it even though some very dear friends are unable to attend.

sorry for the lack of photos with the last few posts… my computer is significantly slower now that dave is using it (rather than his laptop) for gottathink projects. he’s also using the computer in the evenings, which is when i tend to find the time (and a more content baby) to dump, edit and upload my photos (that’s also when i get the majority of my housework finished – again, the content baby thing… or at least there is someone else to hold him – i have got to go get a sling asap!).

the feeding situation is all over the map right now. i’m still pumping and bottle feeding, but today i’m also trying some traditional nursing… i’m just not convinced i can pump enough for him. and though i have a crazy load of formula now (thanks for all your free-bees, carrilee), to use to supplement his feedings, it’s kinda stinky (literally)… so i’m still trying to decide what is the best fit for us. i know i need to choose something and be consistent with it, but for now, i’m still all over the map. hopefully we’ll get this all "figured out" soon.

before i forget, here’s davey’s ONE MONTH photo, taken in his crib last wednesday (the 15th). he is now sleeping in his crib (thanks for the loan of the bassinet, brandi & trisha!) and every month we’ll take a photo of him in his crib with this elephant (which was one of dave’s christmas presents to me several years ago) to show his growth!

and since you can never see too many cute photos of my little boy, here are some recent favorites:

i must admit, i love him in the darker colors (like navy and red) – it just fits well with his complexion and hair color). so thanks to nana for these outfits… he’s slowly filling out his preemie items and is at least able to wear some of the carter’s newborn clothing!

and here are some cute photos from play group yesterday. the first photo is shelly (who is about ready to have her 2nd baby) and her son andrew, who is giving baby davey a kiss. the second photo is anna with her children, case and madeline. anna is one of the nurses at davey’s doctor’s office and she really comes across as "super mom." i can learn a LOT from her AND she wants to come and hold davey anytime!!  :)

oh yeah – did i mention that i blew off housework yesterday and actually did some scrapbooking? yep! i started davey’s "visitors" album and made a TON of progress in only 35 minutes. i also added some wallet size photos to a little mini album that i made several months ago.

and now i’ll see if i can get back into davey’s baby scrapbook that i started before he was born (he’s napping right now)!

filled up

monday: august 20th

oh boy, did we have a (bad) adventure this weekend! sat night/sun morning was AWFUL. davey wouldn’t stop crying unless he was sleeping (he even cried while he ate) but he didn’t want to sleep very much. dave and i got about 3 hours sleep (each) that night. we were totally wrecked yesterday… and the fussiness continued. i finally called grandma and she came over for about 4 hours (i got a much-needed 3-hour nap). there was nothing we could do to placate our little boy. nothing. and that was so frustrating. dave was even up for a few hours helping with little davey. it was by far our roughest night yet.

last night was better. not great, but better. and now we’re trying a new feeding system. having him drink pumped milk (or sometimes formula) from a bottle. no more actual nursing (for now, at least) b/c it’s such a struggle to get him going. he wasn’t like this at the beginning, but he really fights it now. sometimes he’ll fight it for 10 minutes or more… holding a screaming child while dripping milk is not my idea of a good time EVER, let alone at 2 a.m.! he’s still fussy today, but at least his feedings aren’t taking an hour.

but despite his fussiness and my still sleep-deprived state, today is a much better day. bless her heart, anna called this morning at 8:58 a.m. to remind me about play group (which starts at 9-ish). i had been planning to attend today but had totally forgotten about it. i’m so glad she called. i immediately got up, pumped, brushed my teeth, put on some make-up (i’m so vain, i know, but since i wasn’t taking a shower i wanted to at least feel "normal" if not "clean") and then we got davey dressed and out the door we went. davey can’t play yet, but for me to have a few hours with other moms… my dear friends… i am home now and i feel calm. i feel encouraged. i feel stronger. i’m not alone in this adventure. i have LOTS of people in my life who love me. who love davey. and who love babies… even when they’re fussy. i’m so glad play group is WEEKLY (every monday)… i am totally going to have to make this a priority. it is a bit overwhelming to watch all these kids running around, but it’s a good overwhelming. it reminds me that davey will not always be in this fussy, cranky stage. granted, we’ll have other obstacles and barriers to overcome and deal with as he grows older, but it’s a reminder that "this too shall pass."