sore feet

happy (late) tuesday night, july 3rd.

my feet are pretty sore – i taught today and spent the time in-between my classes running errands. i found a few infant carrier/carseat combos today that would be okay for this wee one. now i just have to decide which one to purchase (or if i should order the one one from babies ‘r us for which i registered).  i also hit a good sale at old navy and gap kids. yep. bought some more baby clothing. not necessarily all neutral, either. i figure i can always return items or save them for other baby showers. i am excited, however, for some current full-priced ADORABLE SAFARI ATTIRE (esp. baby boy clothing) at Gymboree… SUCH CUTE STUFF! there’s an ADORABLE reversible elephant bib there right now. i wanted it. oh how i wanted to buy it. but i resisted. i did find some really cute goodies at old navy and gap kids, though (maybe i’ll get a photo for you tomorrow).

i also ran to lowe’s and they were able to lighten our nursery paint color a bit. i’ll be giving it a try tomorrow morning…. hopefully i’ll get at least half of the room painted with a second coat. and hopefully it’ll be a good color…. close to the one we initially wanted. i’d like to get the room painted by this weekend so i can start to put it all together (shelves, window valance, etc.).

so many other places i visited today and things i did. but those were the highlights. i’m looking forward to tomorrow – painting, fun with friends, watching some fireworks…. not to mention a day off from work in the middle of the week!  :)

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