saturday update

july 20th.

weight is back down 1 ounce (at 5 pounds even). more adjustments to feeding. keep praying this lil’ dude packs on some pounds.

the hint of a smile (photo taken in the hospital):

biliribun level: DOWN! yep. for the first time, his bili level has DROPPED – it’s now at 13.9 which (i believe) was his level when we left the hospital. so one more night on the bilibed (tonight) and they’ll check his level again tomorrow.

i got more sleep last night then i have since he was born. not a lot, still, but i feel pretty good today. gotta make sure i get a nap or two here and there, but i feel good. and i feel encouraged that his bili level dropped. one hurdle being cleared.

eating daddy’s finger yesterday…. so tasty…

sound asleep with daddy this morning:

4 thoughts on “saturday update

  1. We’re praying for all of you. The first few days and weeks are hard enough with out any added stresses. Keep feeding him as much as he’ll eat! Jacob went from 5 lbs 15 oz all the way down to 5 lbs 4 oz. They made us start formula at that point because he could not loose anymore or it would start to cause problems. There’s a certain amount of weight loss that is allowed and he almost exceeded it. Keep your head of and remember God is in control! We love you.

  2. Hi! Congratulations on little David!! I hadn’t heard from you for a while so I decided to try to find your website and I found your blog. I’ve been wondering about you guys.

    Anyway, David is adorable. The jaundice is hard. Both of my kids had jaundice. Noah had to be readmitted to the hospital for a couple of days because his got so high. Olivia’s wasn’t as bad, but she lost a lot of weight in the beginning and we had to visit the doctor every single day for a while. I was getting so discouraged and then at one of her check ups, she had gained 4 oz. overnight and it was smooth sailing. It was rough so I know what you’re going through. I’ll definitely be praying for you guys. It sounds like he’s doing better already. I hope the levels continue to drop and he gains some weight.

  3. Tam – We are praying for you guys!! Specifically we are praying that little Davey will gain weight, that the bilirubin levels will continue to drop, that the nursing will go well, and that you and Dave will be able to get the rest you need to take care of yourself and little Davey well. God chose Davey’s birthday and while it was a month early according to human plans, it was the perfect timing for His. I know He has great plans for this little guy and it will be so exciting to watch him grow and see what those plans are! Congratulations and we’re praying!

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