Thursday: July 12

so yesterday it got up to 94 degrees in Bellingham and some places in the county (such as Lynden) reported temperatures of 100. yep. some new records were set! my day started with a horrible night of sleep and was followed by a hot morning in my office. yep. the a/c wasn’t working properly… it was 80 degrees in my office. thankfully, it was just a warm 80 and not a totally uncomfortable 80. the a/c was fixed by the afternoon and my office temperature of 75 felt SO MUCH BETTER! than, tonight, my dear friend megan took me to her parents’ pool. the water was warm (almost 90) but it was better than the heat box (aka: my home). we spent over TWO HOURS just chillin’ in the pool talking and getting caught up and sharing family stories. we were joined by another friend, adria (did i mention these friends of mine have teen-age children?!). it didn’t matter that the water was like bathwater. it felt AWESOME to be in some water (ahhh…. the relief from carrying heavy baby seven for awhile!) and to just chill with some friends. what a great way for me to spend a HOT HOT HOT night while dave was off mountain biking with a friend.

so what things do you like to do to try to "beat the heat?"

(and for those who think i’m turning "soft" regarding summer weather with my west coast life, let me assure you that although i was HOT today and i did get sweaty (i had to drive the jeep w/o a/c or even a vent), i was by NO MEANS complaining about the weather today. we just don’t get that oppressive, wet, heavy humidity that you get back east…. THAT’s the weather i can’t tolerate anymore. but the heat? i kinda like it….. shhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone out here, though!  :)

God was so faithful, gracious, kind, loving and generous to me regarding sleep last night. i didn’t get much sleep on Tuesday night. but last night, i slept well for hours at a stretch and the few times i did wake up, i was not overly hot. i was not awake for long periods of time. i did not have any leg cramps. and i woke up this morning feeling relatively well rested. i only wish i could say the same thing for dave – poor guy! he didn’t sleep too well b/c of the heat. but i want to thank Megan, again, for a wonderful evening last night and for her prayer support last night (and likely early this morning)… our prayers for a good night’s sleep for me were answered with a resounding YES!!

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