happy 28th!

saturday: july 28th

Happy 28th Birthday (for real this year) to the best husband and father in the world: David Collin Dunkin…

here’s last year’s cake (when i aged dave a year in just a week…)

and here’s a sleepy dave and an even sleepier davey:

and here’s what dave spent several HOURS purchasing yesterday… happy anniversary to us and happy birthday to dave….

this week dave moved our fire pit to the grass and added some pavers underneath it:

and here are two darling shots of my growing baby boy:

3 thoughts on “happy 28th!

  1. Happy Anniversary and Birthday. It was great to see you all at church today. When I said to Cami how surprised I was to see you guys, she looked at me pretty funny and said, “It said it on the blog!” (Duh!) I had read the whole post, then got interrupted and missed that part. Oh well, it made for a good surprise! Always fun to get to show them off at church for the first time, huh?!

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