tuesday: july 10th:
so i’m all ready to share photos from our gottathink annual summer picnic which was this past Saturday (07-07-07).


but as i was going through them, as usual, i realized that most of the photos are of henry. or of dave with henry. yep. i was amazed on saturday to watch dave play with henry for a long, long time. dave pushed henry on the 4-wheeler. dave pushed henry on his little radio flyer bicycle. dave taught henry how to play with the hose and how to squirt people. and my heart flooded with joy. no matter how worried EITHER of us are about being parents, especially to a newborn (we’re both pretty terrified of babies), i know that we will be good parents. and i know that dave will be a wonderful father who will get down on the ground and wrestle with his kids. and give them pony rides. and teach them how to ride a bicycle. and for now, henry is our practice child!

with the radio flyer bicycle, dave sat henry on it (henry wasn’t too sure about sitting on it until dave made some "vroom vroom!" noises and then he sat right down). put his feet up on the little foot rests and started pushing. if a foot fell off, dave put it back where it needed to be so henry’s little foot wouldn’t drag on the ground as dave pushed him round and round and round the yard.

dave was so careful with henry on the 4-wheeler, too. making sure henry didn’t slip off. making sure henry was having fun (SO CUTE to hear that little kid making engine noises).

and with the hose, after playing with it in the dirt and the driveway for a long time, dave stood henry on one of the trashcans and used one arm/hand to protect him from falling and the other arm and hand to help him spray the boys who were playing aerobie in the side yard.

and henry LOVED it. he always has loved water. but his giggles…. such a wonderful sound. i still smile just thinking of henry’s giggles and laughter and dave’s relaxed smiles.

i never doubted that dave would be a good dad. but watching him in action with the children of our friends has SHOWN me that he’ll be an even better father than i could imagine. i can’t wait to see him hold our little seven for the first time. to watch his eyes change from fear to awe to love. i think he’ll never be the same after looking into little seven’s eyes. i know i won’t be the same!


but just so you don’t think dave was the ONLY one playing with henry, here’s proof that tim loves his own son, too!!

2 thoughts on “fatherhood

  1. Henry is a much-loved little boy, isn’t he?! I got to spend some “Auntie Meg” time with him the other day (we haven’t done that very much in his little life), and, while I can’t really explain it, you can just tell he’s so loved. Not spoiled, just loved. You can tell he has a mom and dad who interact with him and are giving him appropriate limits and lots of smiles. And then for the Lord to provide him with so many “uncles” and “aunties” when his flesh and blood ones mostly live so far away. What blessings!

    You’ve expressed so well, Tam, the confidence in and admiration for your husband as he “warms-up” for fatherhood. You will be a good team, and I can’t wait to watch your hearts blossom with the realization of the preciousness of the little life on loan to you from God. The first year of your first baby’s life, though at times stressful, is one of the most amazing experiences known to mankind. To watch a seemingly helpless newborn grow in every way, and to watch them discover all the things we take for granted…you will start to see the world in a whole new way. It’s amazing. And it’s SO good for us. Happy nesting!

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