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Our 4th of July was FABULOUS! We had a somewhat relaxing morning and early afternoon at home working on some projects (okay, not so relaxing, though we DID get to choose what we wanted to do and do it at our own pace) and then we spent the afternoon and early evening with our friends Dan, Heidi and Savannah (18 mos) and Tim, Carrilee and Henry (15 mos). We had BBQ chicken pizza (made on the grill), smores, salad, watermelon (and not in this order). It was out at Dan & Heidi’s current home (aka: Heidi’s parents’ place while D&H spend about 2 more weeks building their home before they move in).

Ray & Patti (Heidi’s parents)’s home is beautiful – built almost 30 years ago. And they have LOTS of land and in the last 5 years have really started to use it for weddings (yep – it’s a business). Dave and I were last there two years ago (also on the 4th of July) and so much has changed since then (and it was beautiful then). in the photos, you’ll see GREEN GREEN GREEN grass (that gets mowed once a week – takes about 3 hours on a riding mower), a HUGE pavillion (complete with sound system) and the fun "hub" area of our party – the grill, firepit and wooden furniture area. the kids had a BLAST running around and playing and exploring. Savannah got a little "punchy" toward the end of our stay and it was hilarious…. i couldn’t stop laughing! Dave and Dan played with the aerobie while the kids danced under the pavillion and later found the sprinkler(s)! At one point, Dave tossed the aerobie onto Savannah and she wasn’t impressed (tears abounded) but when he did the same to Henry, Henry just pulled it off…. and then started playing with it like it was a hula hoop! Later on, Dave was holding Henry and Henry found Dave’s goatee and thought THAT IS COOL, so he proceeded to pull on Dave’s chin whiskers for awhile…. it was quite funny! I must also add that in the past week or so, Henry has started playing with his tongue. Carrilee says Tim does it a lot so that must be where Henry picked up that new habit, but his tongue was out for a good portion of the early evening – when running, when laughing, when "hanging" on people…. so there’s a not-so-good photo on here but I loved seeing his tongue!!

One other thing to mention: Henry is pretty good at giving hugs to kids…. it was no different with Savannah. However, Henry doesn’t know when to LET GO and sometimes his hugs turn into a bit of neck choking…. so you gotta watch out for him! He recently learned how to kiss, too… there were SEVERAL kisses that landed smack-on-Savannah’s-lips — INCLUDING the "kissing" sound! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch any of those on camera!

So without any further hesitation, here’s a giant photo montage of our fabulous fourth, starting with a photo of each of the families: The Dunkins, The Dycks and The Storgaards:

3 thoughts on “4th photos

  1. HOW FUN!!! Your 4th of July looks like it was a blast! I wish we lived closer so we could do stuff with you guys more often!

  2. Wow! Great pictures of my granddaughter Tamara! (and everyone else of course) Glad you had fun while we were gone! Too bad we missed the party. Looks like that baby will be here soon….how exciting.
    Glad you liked the new look….we have 21 weddings here this summer, so we are keeping busy. Savannah especially likes the dance floor as you probably found out.

  3. Good times! Looks like you had a great place to be on such a beautiful day, along with excellent company. Yeah! :)

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