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"fussbudget." one of my favorite nicknames for davey. i’m also partial to "peanut" these days, too. but last night, it was fussbudget ALL THE WAY. mama and daddy just couldn’t make the kid happy or content for more than 15 minutes at a time – and this all started at 4 a.m. and lasted until 6:30 a.m. daddy had to go back to work today and he must be VERY TIRED. Hopefully last night is more of an exception in this household b/c mama can’t handle too many nights like that!

thankfully, he ate again at 6:30 and then slept pretty soundly for FOUR hours…. we prefer that action at night, kiddo!

yesterday morning we made it to sunday school AND church. then we had a big family meal at grandpa & grandma’s house to celebrate jeff and dave’s birthdays (complete with peanut butter pie for dessert):

jeff turned 23 (so there are 3 candles on his pie) and dave turned 28 (so he has 8 candles).

and here’s a cute photo of daddy talking to davey:

too bad davey wouldn’t listen like that in the middle of the night (morning?)! 

and today’s big excitement is NANA IS COMING! we’re not sure what time she’ll arrive in bellingham – her flight from philly to vancouver (canada) has already been cancelled TWICE, so she got re-routed onto another airline and isn’t sure which shuttle bus she can catch from the airport to bellingham. so we’re "on call" to pick her up around 3:30 or 5:30.

And daddy wants us to visit him at work so he can show us off to his friends, colleagues and the starbucks baristas! guess that means mama should go get ready for the day!

happy 28th!

saturday: july 28th

Happy 28th Birthday (for real this year) to the best husband and father in the world: David Collin Dunkin…

here’s last year’s cake (when i aged dave a year in just a week…)

and here’s a sleepy dave and an even sleepier davey:

and here’s what dave spent several HOURS purchasing yesterday… happy anniversary to us and happy birthday to dave….

this week dave moved our fire pit to the grass and added some pavers underneath it:

and here are two darling shots of my growing baby boy:

friday the 27th

happy 5-year anniversary to dave and i!

last night we realized our anniversary was already here… WHERE has the time gone? i know the last 12 days have been overwhelming as we’ve learned about parenthood (and we have so much still to learn) but where have the last five YEARS gone? sheesh!

here are some updates:

davey and mommy just got back from the doctor’s office. davey is now at 5 pounds and 5 ounces. good job, little man! keep gaining weight:

and it was really nice on wednesday so mama, daddy and davey went for a short walk around the block with the new stroller:

though that was after daddy sat outside on the porch swing with davey for a little while:

davey wasn’t too impressed…. he was just sleepy:

and today we were also given the "okay" to go to church on sunday! mama is happy to head back into the "real world" and to try to get into a routine. davey isn’t sure WHAT to make of this exciting adventure called "church."

have a great weekend everyone!


wed: july 25th

yesterday i had the opportunity to go shopping (without davey) for a few hours. tracy (family from colorado) joined me and there’s no way i could have made it through my list at target without her… THANK YOU, TRACY! i had to buy a bunch of things to add to the nursery plus more diapers, some long-sleeved onesies and so much more. i had a shopping cart full of items and a nice big bill, but it was worth it to get some "mommy time" and to see tracy during their visit.

i know you didn’t get to see any photos yesterday since i didn’t add a blog post, so let me make up for that today.

here are two CUTE photos of little davey sleeping – first one is in daddy’s arms and the second one is in mama’s arms. check out the way he’s been holding his arms/hands when he curls into someone’s body to sleep:

and here’s davey on the "patient bed" at the doctor’s office (photo from monday). we go back again in about an hour to be weighed again.

this is how i keep davey’s hands warm at night…. with little baby socks!

when roy, tracy and dori stopped by yesterday to see the house (and the nursery), they each got to hold little davey for awhile. roy had the magic touch… davey found his THUMB while roy was holding him:

and then we headed over to grandpa & grandma’s house for a big family dinner. granted, it was jeff’s birthday, but this wasn’t his birthday dinner (that’s on sunday – when we’ll celebrate jeff’s birthday AND dave’s birthday) – just a fun family evening with roy, tracy and the girls before they left town. so here’s a FAMILY OF THREE photo:

and a family of TWELVE photo:

and finally, uncle jeffy holding his precious nephew…

what better birthday gift could we give to jeff?!

edited to add: home from the doctor’s office now. davey gained some more weight – he’s up to 5 pounds 3.5 ounces. his bili levels are up again, too, but that was to be expected after coming off the light box. with the weight gain, we don’t need to go back on the light box (YEA!)


Monday: July 23rd

Weight: 5 pounds 2 ounces per Dr. Dickson’s scale. That’s a weight gain of 2.5 ounces in a day and a half. We are ELATED and SO THANKFUL!

Biliribun level: rebound test pending. he’s been off the lights for 24 hours and just had his blood drawn. We’ll know the results in the morning. Hopefully his levels are still dropping.

Dr. Dickson was impressed with little Davey today. He was expecting to see an emaciated baby and instead he saw our lil’ dude… not at all emaciated. Good color (a little on the orange side still from the jaundice). Alert. So that was very encouraging. We’ll stop back in the office again on Wed and on Friday to have him weighed on Dr. D’s scale again. I imagine the home nurse will return tomorrow, as well, to pick up the bilibed that’s no longer in use.

We had a rough night with ATTEMPTING to feed him every two hours, but we made it through. Your prayers have sustained us through those late night and early morning hours. We are blessed to have friends and family who love us enough to lift us (and Davey) before the throne of our Heavenly Father. THANK YOU!

no more

davey’s biliribun level is down so we no longer need to use the bilibed. YIPPEE!!

his weight, however, is also down (another 1/2 an ounce) so we’ve made more changes to his feeding plan and tomorrow we’ll visit dr. dickson. hopefully it’s something as "simple" as reflux (which is not uncommon in preemies) and we’ll be able to get this "nipped in the bud" and get some weight back on him.

so here i am feeding him (breast milk) from a bottle:

he’s not having any problems with the bottle nipple, the pacifier or drinking more "naturally." i’ve got a very smart baby!

we have to feed him this way for about 24 hours so we can track how much food he’s actually getting. keep davey and his weight in your prayers. as a remind for those of you who may be confused, davey is trying to GAIN weight… mama is trying to LOSE a belly (without dieting right now – gotta get good food into my baby)!!  :)

saturday update

july 20th.

weight is back down 1 ounce (at 5 pounds even). more adjustments to feeding. keep praying this lil’ dude packs on some pounds.

the hint of a smile (photo taken in the hospital):

biliribun level: DOWN! yep. for the first time, his bili level has DROPPED – it’s now at 13.9 which (i believe) was his level when we left the hospital. so one more night on the bilibed (tonight) and they’ll check his level again tomorrow.

i got more sleep last night then i have since he was born. not a lot, still, but i feel pretty good today. gotta make sure i get a nap or two here and there, but i feel good. and i feel encouraged that his bili level dropped. one hurdle being cleared.

eating daddy’s finger yesterday…. so tasty…

sound asleep with daddy this morning:


fri: 7/20

weight is the same: 5 pounds 1 ounce
biliribun level: increased
sad news: we should wait until davey is "full term" before we take him out and about and expose him to people and germs and the like. yep. so that means i’m mostly housebound for another month. frustrating for sure. but maybe it will help me to get a schedule going once he’s out of this bilibed.

his biliribun level is still lower than a level that causes alarm, so while we’re disappointed that the bilibed use must continue, at least he can stay at home. nurse jayne is working with us to make small changes here & there with the feeding schedule and process. we’ll see her again on monday (she has the weekend off so we’ll see two of her colleagues instead). i am so thankful for these home visits. some encouragement. some support. and definitely some wisdom for two parents who don’t know what to do for their sweet little son!

we did have a rough night last night, but we have the okay to use the pacifier tonight to try to help calm him. yep. i may have a binky baby. and i’m okay with that!

here are some photos from the past few days (chosen by dave to share with you) that you might enjoy:

first bath in the hospital (davey wasn’t a fan):

a hospital kiss from mama:

a very precious sleeping davey:

daddy & davey at home:

davey the alien – my heart melts when i look into these eyes:

when davey peed on daddy (on thursday, july 19th):

and on another note, please pray for my friends Kim & Will. they were in our childbirth class with us. kim and i work at the store together. her due date (with little konnor) is september 3rd. i found out today that her water broke (yesterday, i believe), which is 7 weeks early. she was taken on an ambulance down to seattle (b/c it’s too early to deliver here in bellingham) and was given some medication to stop the labor process. once she got to seattle, they did a bunch of tests on her and konnor and they decided that konnor appears to be about 3-4 pounds and his lungs look okay so they’re going to let her deliver. unfortunately, she was in active labor, was dilated to a 3 and then her contractions stopped. so now she’s waiting. just waiting for her precious little konnor to arrive.

so please pray for kim and will and konnor.

oh yeah – did i mention that they were planning to move from their apartment to their house TOMORROW (saturday) and therefore they were waiting to buy ALL the big items until they got into their house. so they have nothing – no car seat, no crib, nothing.

the bilibed

Thursday: July 19th
First update (sorry it’s being posted so late today)…. Davey gained ONE OUNCE since yesterday (bringing him up to 5 pounds and 1 ounce) so that means…. your prayers are WORKING. keep praying, b/c he has a lot more weight to gain, but at least we’re ADDING weight now instead of losing it.

Second update: despite his MULTIPLE poops yesterday, his biliribbon (sp?) level increased again today, so we have to continue the phototherapy sessions for at least another day or two. the nurse will return at 10 a.m. tomorrow to weigh Davey, prick his little foot for a blood sample (poor little guy has two feet full of little prick marks) to test his biliribbon level again.

his face does have a bit more of a "yellow glow" today and the whites of his eyes are pretty yellow, also. HOWEVER, i still think he’s the most beautiful baby boy ever born!

Here’s a photo of Davey’s current "quarters" aside from feeding and diaper changes:

He gets placed on this bilibed which looks a lot like a flat-bed scanner. above the glass, however, is a thin but strong stretch of plastic something that is pretty cushioned, so his "bed" isn’t hard, at least. after placing him inside (with rolled up towels or receiving blankets on either side of him), we cover him with a soft blanket and zip him into the bed. once he’s "all tucked in" you can only see his eyes and his nose b/c even his cute little lips tend to get scrunched into the aqua-colored terry-clothing wrapping (which comes with the bilibed). as you can see, in the photo, he can only wear a diaper inside the bilibed. the light does NOT generate heat, so we have to takeh is temperature everytime we feed him to make sure he’s staying warm enough. we can’t even put little socks on him!

here’s one of my favorite photos of my daves sound asleep:

for the most part, he doesn’t mind the bed… there’s a certain "window of opportunity" when we can get him into the bed… he has to be falling asleep or have recently fallen asleep, otherwise, he wakes up and cries until we take him out to calm him down. what can i say? my little boy is a snuggler… and that makes me happy. i’ll be even happier once i can SNUGGLE with him on a more regular basis!

i would like to point out that dave and i do get to hold davey quite a bit. even though he has to be in the bilibed as much as possible, i do hold him for feedings (which are quite the process) and dave tends to hold him while i’m pumping (b/c i have to feed him and then pump and then syringe-feed him the "supplemental" breast milk) and then one of us feeds him the "supplemental" milk. we also hold him for a few minutes AFTER feeding him until he’s drifting off and THEN we put him into the bed. this whole process takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

dave picked out other cute photos for us to share, but i think this is enough for today. i need to finish eating my dinner and then get ready for davey’s next feeding (every 3 hours or so). i’m working on my "birth story" post, so i promise – you will get to read that pretty soon. and we will keep you posted on his weight and his bili-levels… thank you for your prayers thus far and we appreciate your on-going thoughts and prayers as our little guy grows stronger and bigger!


wednesday: july 18th

please pray for Davey. today he needs to GAIN WEIGHT. the visiting nurse was just here and he lost another 2 ounces since yesterday (and i thought he ate MORE yesterday?!). so to avoid a trip to the hospital (and a prolonged stay in a "camping room" for me), we need him to gain weight today and throughout the week. we also need him to eat well so he’ll poop well so this bilibed can go away and we can actually HOLD our son.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers.