creating again

wednesday: June 6th

i did it. i really did it. i created JUST FOR ME again. i sat down on tuesday night and spent about 90 minutes in my new craft space. i added dates to layouts i made LAST OCTOBER! i created THREE new layouts. AND i cleaned up my space a bit more. seriously. in just 90 minutes. and it felt wonderful. and the layouts are for me. not for the store (though i do LOVE to make projects for the store). and not for someone else’s scrapbook (i have a few orders right now) but just for me. a reminder of how much i love the hobby that involves paper and glue and punches and scissors and photos and journaling and stamping and SO MUCH MORE! the three layouts i created are nothing spectacular, but here’s a sneak peek at at least one fun element from each layout:

thanks for sharing in my joy. sometimes i forget how much fun a hobby can be when i do it FOR ME!

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