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thursday: june 7th

I FINALLY FOUND THEM…. the two outfits we’ll take to the hospital when little Seven is ready to make his (or her) appearance! i went shopping yesterrday for a whole list of items. these were NOT on the list. but aren’t they SO CUTE?!

I might actually try to find a pair of cute denim or khaki shorts to go with the striped orange onesie for our little boy, but I’m set on that little girl outfit. the little skirt with "bloomers" underneath is just too cute! So what do you think?

but despite finding these little gems (at good prices, i might add), i was not able to cross off even ONE ITEM on my list. oops. i tried. i really did try to find birthday presents (x2), fathers’ day present, a shirt for dave (for the wedding) and a wedding present, but i failed in my quest. but i found those cute items above and possibly a black dress for me to wear to the wedding (i have one already but might return it if one of these other ones is *better*).

and on a totally different note, here are two photos that make me smile:

dave couldn’t decide on his "bedtime snack" one night this week, but he really wanted a snack, so when i walked into our bedroom this is what i saw:

and i laughed out loud! (not in a mean way). but to see that he had packed himself a little basket of snacks to make it easier to carry them upstairs…. i thought that perhaps just a little bit of me had rubbed off on him! i begged him not to touch the snack basket until i ran (or waddled) downstairs to get the camera! he wasn’t thrilled with my request, but he did comply. and i made up for it later by going BACK downstairs to get him a glass of Limeade!

and this is the other photo that makes me smile right now: the ingredients for a homemade blizzard:

we stopped by justin & brandi’s house to drop off something last night and we stopped to hang out and talk with justin and emma (brandi was out with her mom). a little while later, justin’s parents arrived with some blizzards. they DID offer to share with us, but we declined (we HAD just finished our dinner before heading over there) but i really got IN THE MOOD for a blizzard. so when we got home, i pulled out the above items and made my own blizzard. and it was  YUMMY!

3 thoughts on “clothes and food

  1. hey! super cute outfits and great idea w/ the homemade “blizzard”! :) are you sitting down? (duh, probably if you’re at the computer!) well, earlier this wk i actually got out photos to work on!! israel pics and our dating/engagment scrapbook. i’m really hoping to do a little bit a few times a week – i’ll keep you updated on my progress! it’s gonna take me awhile to get “caught up” but we’ll see!

  2. Love the outfits Tam! I can’t believe the time is almost here. Are you having any showers before Baby Seven is born? Just a thought… you might want to purchase a few newborn outfits just in case Baby Seven is small. Most of the 0-3 months were too big for Isaiah and we had to scramble to find things that would fit him.

  3. I have to agree with Taya, the outfits are adorable, but I bet your little one will swim in them the first few weeks of his or her life unless he/she comes out above nine pounds, which we hope against! Even the little gowns were too big for Emma and she was over 7.5 lbs. Hope we don’t burst your bubble too much! You can still do whatever you want, but those little babies look funny in things that are way too big for them! Plus, it does nothing for their figures. :) ha. just kidding.

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