at 31.5 weeks

at 31.5 weeks:

we showed the 3D/4D ultrasound DVD to grandpa & grandma last night. they were amazed. i saw more detail then the prior two times i’ve watched this "show." wiggling toes. yawning (or swallowing?). and as i watched my 28-week old baby on the screen, i felt my 31-week old baby inside of me. wiggling. moving. twitching. so amazing. i’m getting so eager to meet this baby.

we were told last night that grandpa & grandma thought we named this little one "Baby Seven" b/c he (or she) will be the 7th great-grandchild. not how we came up with the name, but a really good support for the "inside name" for this wee one, eh?!

i’m growing, growing, growing. have packed on over 30 pounds. feel nauseated after eating in the morning now. am VERY SLOW to get up in the morning (i’m thinking i might need more than 8 hours a night soon). i rarely have an appetite to eat food, though when it’s placed in front of me i tend to eat at least half of it. yep. my appetite has definitely decreased. i no longer want mexican everytime someone suggests it. even YUMMY DESSERTS don’t sound quite so yummy anymore.

i’ve got a sore spot under my left ankle. makes walking frustrating and a big painful. i was thinking it might be a varicose vein, but now i’m thinking something is just swollen or pulled in there.

baby’s still not actually "kicking" me, though there is LOTS and LOTS of movement. lots of flips and wiggles and adjustments. baby seven pretty much keeps his (or her) back and bottom on the right side of my stomach…. and now that i’m used to that, that’s what’s most comfortable.

i can’t bend over very well anymore. it’s harder to put on shoes and socks. some of my maternity clothing no longer fits! i can’t sit with my elbows resting on my knees anymore (my belly is too big). my BELLY BUTTON IS REALLY POPPING OUT NOW! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

edited to add: i’d better add "reflux" to the list of stuff to remember. seems i’ve got a short tube from my throat to my stomach these days. ugh. makes it hard to lie down (on my back OR on my side) to do "awake" things like watch tv or try to read.

i did finally register (at Target) though I’m sure there’s more i need to add to that registry. i’ll add clothing items after this baby is born. i still need to paint the nursery. decorate the nursery. arrange the nursery. get a chair for in the nursery. get a crib mattress. changing table pad covers. a breast pump (sorry, but i need it). some diapers. a car seat. and then i think we’ll have all the BASICS to bring this little one home whenever he (or she) decides to arrive.

look for a new belly photo this weekend…. in the midst of all the wedding chaos!

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  1. Oh the joys of the last trimester! =) If you’re able, sleep as much as you can now Tam because you will need it later. Trust me! =)

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