week 28

Sunday: May 21st –
Baby Seven is growing, growing, growing. Week 28 (which started on Friday) yields a new batch of belly photos for you to view:

Dave uploaded some of the short video clips from our 4D ultrasound to YouTube this weekend, so later this week he’s going to teach me how to add them to my blog. So keep your eyes peeled later this week to see some MOVING IMAGES of my little one!

At week 28 I still feel great! I do have a harder time walking after sitting or lying down for awhile. I’m reminded of my gram pretty much daily, because when I stand up to walk, I do this funny waddle/shuffle – just like she used to do after sitting down for awhile. I’m not making fun of her… I’m just reminded of how much I miss her and how sad I am that she will never see or hold my little Seven.

But back to me at 28 weeks… according to all of my baby books, Baby Seven is fully formed and now just needs to GROW, GROW, GROW (am I seriously going to get BIGGER than this?)! I still don’t have any weird cravings, though sugar is still my friend (but sugar has always been my friend, so that’s nothing new). I’m still always ready to eat Mexican food, too (with a few exceptions). My only food aversion thus far during the pregnancy was earlier on (around 15 weeks?) when I thought my Honeycomb cereal (one of my favorites!) tasted *funny.* I chalked it up to funky taste buds due to baby and haven’t tried it again since. (And I gave the rest of that new box to Tim Dyck).

I have learned that my favorite maternity pants/shorts/skirts are the ones with the giant "elastic" band. I simply fold them over one (or several) time(s) until the band is not on my belly. Those "real waist" pants with the elastic in the back…. not so comfortable (to me). I find myself wanting MORE variety in my wardrobe, but that’s nothing unusual for me! My belly button is still technically an "innie" but each day brings it closer to being an "outtie." I do still have random moments of belly-button-area tenderness, but they have been less frequently lately.

As for baby preparedness:
After work tomorrow we’ll pick up the crib and changing table (thanks to Tim Dyck and his pick-up truck) and hopefully I can get started putting them together (Dave has some Gottathink meetings this week). I’ll have to take the crib bedding (did I ever even tell you it finally arrived – about 3 weeks ago?!) to Lowe’s to get a paint match to the creamy-yellow color. Then I’ll paint the nursery and we’ll choose a "more yellow" color for the bonus room (i’ll probably paint that, too).

well this post is getting longer than i had planned/intended and there’s some pizza waiting for me right now. Love to you all. I’m getting ready to register for some baby stuff, too… will keep you posted on that. All the advice you’ve provided has been EXCELLENT! if you have any more to share, please do so – I’m still open to suggestions and advice!

One thought on “week 28

  1. you look adorable tam! it is unbelievable how much you’ll grow still… i have a crazy big picture of me when i was just one week away from having nolan, and it’s insane how big my belly got!
    be careful painting the rooms…. keep windows open and take breaks for yourself and for baby! :)
    i don’t think i ever added any suggestions to things that i loved that nolan had/has. i LOVE our chicco capri umbrella stroller (it’s kind of middle of the road priced… not the most expensive, not the cheapest, and it has worked wonderfully). i also love the fisher price booster seat (it’s green and blue) and it folds up so easily to take with you. i also love the jj cole diaper bag that is a sling style – it’s just good when you want to run into a store or the mall and you don’t have to lug the diaper bag with you. it’s sporty and cute and still comes in handy and nolan is almost 2! just enough for diapers, wipes, snacks and a drink. i’m sure there’s more things, but those are the ones off the top of my head.
    have a great day! :)

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