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sorry everyone! i didn’t  intend to take the whole weekend off from blogging… it just kinda happened! i’ll have photos to add soon (i’m at work right now – SHHHHH!  -  and can’t access my photos at home).  i had a fun and productive weekend…. and a weekend much busier than i initially thought!

first of all, i looked down on thursday (5/24) and realized my FEET WERE GONE!!!  seriously!

where did they go? then i moved my head and finally found them. turns out my belly has grown so much that i just can’t see my feet anymore. i was wondering when that would happen. i’m not sure when it ACTUALLY happened, but i noticed it on thursday morning.

i spent friday doing stuff around the house (because i was without a vehicle) though i did ride my bike over to the family doctor’s office to ask  him to be seven’s doctor (i gave him a card with a 3D photo of seven and inside it read something like "my mama says you’re really nice and smart and funny and that i need a doctor – would you be mine? i’m due to arrive around august 10th."  i don’t remember much more about friday, though i think i did some cleaning in the house and in my new craft area. dave and i chilled on the couch with a movie that evening.

saturday morning started with a relaxing (early) morning in bed and then rachel’s bridal shower (at 10 a.m.). that was about 3 hours of non-stop craziness. i spent most of the afternoon and early evening in my craft room with my friend melissa. we had a good time and accomplished quite a bit, though not all we had hoped (how does that happen?). dave and i had a good dinner and watched another movie.

sunday was church, lunch at dad & mom’s (and we were there until about 5 p.m. ) with lots of family (aunt sandi and gregg are in town again this week and rachel & sterling were still around). a lot of the afternoon was spent talking about wedding stuff (i had intended to stay out of the planning process, but it was kinda fun to at least share some input, especially since the wedding is only 3 weeks away).  dave and i then spent about an hour or so taking engagement photos of rachel & sterling after our time at dad & mom’s and then we chilled with ANOTHER movie (and ice cream for dessert) that night!

we had no plans for monday other than having the day off from work. we don’t really know anyone who has a picnic (which is how i grew up spending my memorial days and labor days) so we just hung out around the house (again) getting some small things done. we did go for a bike ride (yep – i’m still riding my bike, even with this big ‘ole belly!) and we ended the night with – you guessed it – ANOTHER movie (The Good Shepherd – the movie about the "beginnings" of the CIA).

And some more good news from the weekend – Saturday, especially – Dave ordered his new and long-awaited and much-coveted video camera (should arrive on Friday) AND he ordered my new camera (which should also arrive on Friday). For the same price as my now-lost-in-Cabo camera, i was able to get the NEWEST release (an 800 rather than a 700) camera plus case. so i’ll be back in business and i’ll be much more likely to take more photos this coming weekend b/c i’ll LOVE my new camera.

and SOMETIME over this long weekend, baby seven got pretty darn active. my stomach will get really hard (i think there’s a bum pushing on my tummy at that moment) and then 30 seconds to a few minutes later my stomach will be softer again, so baby seven has moved again. this happens a LOT and can be somewhat distracting. it was also over this weekend that i’m convinced i can now (often times) feel/grab a FOOT in my belly. that is just SO WEIRD to me…. to be able to feel around and push on my baby’s foot. or try to grab it. and then to have baby seven start kicking, wiggling or moving b/c i’m trying to grab his/her foot…. so weird. and yet SO COOL. and kinda funny!

AND my belly is starting to take on these "weird shapes" with baby seven’s odd movements. my favorite thing, however, is to try to explain to people how it FEELS. i FEEL like there is someone bouncing around on a water bed inside my belly. it’s the best way i can explain it – my belly will make these waves or ripples as the baby moves and i feel like i’m this child’s little water bed. totally crazy!

so hopefully tonight or tomorrow i can share some photos from this past weekend with you – including a layout i made for the store of my baby, perhaps a new belly shot, rachel’s shower (totally overwhelming how many people were there and presents she received) and the engagement photos.

and i should get back into a "regular blogging routine" this week. i promise to at least try!

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  1. My dr. told me that when my tummy got hard like that it’s Braxton Hicks contractions. I was so surprised and had know idea that i had been experiencing it for all that time . So maybe that’s happening with you too!? =)

  2. Add me to the list that was thinking you’re having BH contractions. I only had a couple of them my entire pregnancy!

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