making me happy today

here are a few things that are making me happy today:

1. store bought lemonade that tastes like fresh squeezed:

2. receiving our income tax refund (including gift cards to j c penney) and therefore ORDERING baby seven’s crib and changing table! and both are in stock, so in 4-7 business days baby’s new furniture should be here!


4. it’s 3 o’clock and i’ve already been to Marysville and BACK to return some purchases from last weekend.

5. a trip to Treasury of Memories (on the way home from Marysville) to make my own chipboard alphabet set (via my chipboard sheets and their die cuts)

6. One of the BEST mocha frappacinos i’ve EVER had (purchased at the outlets in marysville):

7. knowing it’s the WEEKEND and other than dave’s trip to seattle (with the church) for the mariners game today/tonight, we have NO PLANS!

8. feeling baby seven kick and wiggle and move around. this baby REALLY moves after momma eats some sugar!  :)

9. turning in a layout at Treasury today and having Carly and Elizabeth rave over it (i wasn’t sure how much the store would like it!)!

10. seeing a HUGE, inflatable, BLUE gorilla (at a car dealership) in marysville (it REALLY brought a HUGE smile to my face – i only wish i had stopped to take a photo)!

11. receiving an e-mail from my mom this morning wishing me a happy mothers’ day…. my first!

so tell me…. what things are making YOU happy today?!

3 thoughts on “making me happy today

  1. 1. Date night tonight with my hubby! We’re trying a new place in downtown Tacoma tonight, and even have free babysitters (our good friends who are having their first in 6 weeks!). 2. A great walk today with Mark and Markus in his wagon. 3. New Gap capris that fit awesome and were $20 off! 4. Freshly painted toenails. 5. Almond butter instead of peanut butter. So yummy. 6. Homemade iced vanilla lattes. 7. Good friends having babies :) .

  2. 1. Ross making me breakfast and giving me the morning off to do whatever I want 2. Hearing my son say, “I yove you!” (he can’t say his l’s yet =)) 3. Becky Higgin’s new blog & website 4. another gorgeous, sunny day 5. picking strawberries this afternoon with my boys 6. my soft, thick, fuzzy socks 7. the anticipation of a scrapbook overnighter coming up next weekend.
    Happy Mother’s Day Tam! =)

  3. Well, being in Florida on Mother’s Day was probably a once-in-a-lifetime occasion…but some things that made me happy around that time…watching my boys play in the sand at 11:00 on Saturday night…being silly with the fam on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 10:00 on Sunday night and watching the fireworks while riding it…sitting completely still in the warm Florida breeze on the deck of our hotel room all by myself at 9:00 on Monday night…
    In general, my red shirt and stripes of any kind usually make me happy. Oh and food…almost any kind, but especially cheesecake. Welcome to the barely organized chaos that is my brain. :)

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