in three hours…

wednesday: may 23rd

what can you accomplish in three hours? all kinds of things, i think. running errands. cleaning your home. making a mini album. preparing a special meal. spending quality time with friends or a loved one. clean out your closet. decorating for a holiday or party. watching a movie. going on a boat tour and getting stranded for years and years and years (sorry – i used to LOVE giligan’s island).

or you could put together some baby furniture. by yourself. well, sorta.

on monday night (around 9 pm) dave and tim carried these two LARGE boxes into the house, up the stairs, down the hallway and into the nursery:

and tonight, while dave was in a meeting (with tim), i opened the boxes. sorted the parts. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. and assembled these:

using only a philips head screw driver and an allen wrench. the instructions clearly stated DO NOT USE POWER TOOLS, esp. a power screwdriver for assembly!

after getting them BOTH together, i was so excited, i had to add some of our baby bedding to the crib (even though there’s no mattress yet!):

and this is the OVERCROWDED room (with just a crib and changing table!)…. no room for a chair or glider in here:

i’m thinking i may have to remove closet doors just so the room is not overwhelmed with all this WOOD…. and so it seems a little larger (or a little "less small")!

2 thoughts on “in three hours…

  1. I have a half-assembled bbq on my deck. I was thinking you might want to come over and finish it up for me? I got tired of it when I realized the legs were on backwards, and had to unscrew everything all the way back to step one. So 11am sound good?

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