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ode to summer

thursday: may 31st

an ode to summer. no… not the season…. my friend. former supervisor. the "goddess" of voc, i believe she was once called.

i still remember the day she called me to tell me she HAD to quit her job. she had no idea what she was going to do. where to go. she’s been doing voc-related work for FOREVER. so i got her an interview (by phone, i think?) with brad and she joined the strategic team not long after. it was good to have her as a colleague again. at work lunches and dinners. summer picnics and christmas parties. she wasn’t my supervisor when i was LEARNING how to do my job, but she has taught me a lot over the years. including patience. tolerance. understanding. and some bad words!  :)     and last night at our strategic "north-end" company dinner we said farewell to a wonderful person.

summer’s going away present from the company? some much-wanted FLOOR MATS for her new kia sorrento…. some floor mats to match her hitch cover which is a skull that has eyes that light up in RED when she presses on the brakes!

i love you, summer and i’ll miss you a lot. thanks for the years of laughs. and venting. and friendship. and so much more!

some photos

dave hasn’t taken the engagement photos off of his camera yet so i don’t have access to them. and i, apparently, don’t have any new belly shots. so here are two photos from rachel’s shower (so sad – i wanted a photo of rachel, mom and granma and one of the three of them plus me and it just didn’t happen)!

less than three weeks to the big day (the wedding is on Fathers’ Day)! and LOTS to do before then!!!

the latest…

sorry everyone! i didn’t  intend to take the whole weekend off from blogging… it just kinda happened! i’ll have photos to add soon (i’m at work right now – SHHHHH!  -  and can’t access my photos at home).  i had a fun and productive weekend…. and a weekend much busier than i initially thought!

first of all, i looked down on thursday (5/24) and realized my FEET WERE GONE!!!  seriously!

where did they go? then i moved my head and finally found them. turns out my belly has grown so much that i just can’t see my feet anymore. i was wondering when that would happen. i’m not sure when it ACTUALLY happened, but i noticed it on thursday morning.

i spent friday doing stuff around the house (because i was without a vehicle) though i did ride my bike over to the family doctor’s office to ask  him to be seven’s doctor (i gave him a card with a 3D photo of seven and inside it read something like "my mama says you’re really nice and smart and funny and that i need a doctor – would you be mine? i’m due to arrive around august 10th."  i don’t remember much more about friday, though i think i did some cleaning in the house and in my new craft area. dave and i chilled on the couch with a movie that evening.

saturday morning started with a relaxing (early) morning in bed and then rachel’s bridal shower (at 10 a.m.). that was about 3 hours of non-stop craziness. i spent most of the afternoon and early evening in my craft room with my friend melissa. we had a good time and accomplished quite a bit, though not all we had hoped (how does that happen?). dave and i had a good dinner and watched another movie.

sunday was church, lunch at dad & mom’s (and we were there until about 5 p.m. ) with lots of family (aunt sandi and gregg are in town again this week and rachel & sterling were still around). a lot of the afternoon was spent talking about wedding stuff (i had intended to stay out of the planning process, but it was kinda fun to at least share some input, especially since the wedding is only 3 weeks away).  dave and i then spent about an hour or so taking engagement photos of rachel & sterling after our time at dad & mom’s and then we chilled with ANOTHER movie (and ice cream for dessert) that night!

we had no plans for monday other than having the day off from work. we don’t really know anyone who has a picnic (which is how i grew up spending my memorial days and labor days) so we just hung out around the house (again) getting some small things done. we did go for a bike ride (yep – i’m still riding my bike, even with this big ‘ole belly!) and we ended the night with – you guessed it – ANOTHER movie (The Good Shepherd – the movie about the "beginnings" of the CIA).

And some more good news from the weekend – Saturday, especially – Dave ordered his new and long-awaited and much-coveted video camera (should arrive on Friday) AND he ordered my new camera (which should also arrive on Friday). For the same price as my now-lost-in-Cabo camera, i was able to get the NEWEST release (an 800 rather than a 700) camera plus case. so i’ll be back in business and i’ll be much more likely to take more photos this coming weekend b/c i’ll LOVE my new camera.

and SOMETIME over this long weekend, baby seven got pretty darn active. my stomach will get really hard (i think there’s a bum pushing on my tummy at that moment) and then 30 seconds to a few minutes later my stomach will be softer again, so baby seven has moved again. this happens a LOT and can be somewhat distracting. it was also over this weekend that i’m convinced i can now (often times) feel/grab a FOOT in my belly. that is just SO WEIRD to me…. to be able to feel around and push on my baby’s foot. or try to grab it. and then to have baby seven start kicking, wiggling or moving b/c i’m trying to grab his/her foot…. so weird. and yet SO COOL. and kinda funny!

AND my belly is starting to take on these "weird shapes" with baby seven’s odd movements. my favorite thing, however, is to try to explain to people how it FEELS. i FEEL like there is someone bouncing around on a water bed inside my belly. it’s the best way i can explain it – my belly will make these waves or ripples as the baby moves and i feel like i’m this child’s little water bed. totally crazy!

so hopefully tonight or tomorrow i can share some photos from this past weekend with you – including a layout i made for the store of my baby, perhaps a new belly shot, rachel’s shower (totally overwhelming how many people were there and presents she received) and the engagement photos.

and i should get back into a "regular blogging routine" this week. i promise to at least try!

in three hours…

wednesday: may 23rd

what can you accomplish in three hours? all kinds of things, i think. running errands. cleaning your home. making a mini album. preparing a special meal. spending quality time with friends or a loved one. clean out your closet. decorating for a holiday or party. watching a movie. going on a boat tour and getting stranded for years and years and years (sorry – i used to LOVE giligan’s island).

or you could put together some baby furniture. by yourself. well, sorta.

on monday night (around 9 pm) dave and tim carried these two LARGE boxes into the house, up the stairs, down the hallway and into the nursery:

and tonight, while dave was in a meeting (with tim), i opened the boxes. sorted the parts. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. and assembled these:

using only a philips head screw driver and an allen wrench. the instructions clearly stated DO NOT USE POWER TOOLS, esp. a power screwdriver for assembly!

after getting them BOTH together, i was so excited, i had to add some of our baby bedding to the crib (even though there’s no mattress yet!):

and this is the OVERCROWDED room (with just a crib and changing table!)…. no room for a chair or glider in here:

i’m thinking i may have to remove closet doors just so the room is not overwhelmed with all this WOOD…. and so it seems a little larger (or a little "less small")!

mariners & more of seven

a few weeks ago our church organized a trip for the men (and boys) to go to a mariners game. dad bought tickets for each of his sons and only one backed out (jeff chose to head to sunny, southern california for a friend’s college graduation). dave only took a few photos, but i like the angles and wanted to share them with you:

and here are my four favorite "still" photos of baby seven from our 3D/4D ultrasound experience last week. (i promise to have dave teach me how to share the short video clips – later this week… i promise!):

we watched the whole dvd of the ultrasound yesterday with dave’s family (dad, mom, jeff, aunt sandy and her husband gregg – even sterling stopped by and saw some of it) and it was still so surreal to watch that video and realize that the images we saw… the movement… the swallowing…. are all going on inside of me. WILD!

flat start

why is it always so hard to get up and get going on a monday morning? today was no different. we got going later than we prefer, though since neither of us has a set work schedule it’s not a huge deal. we got less than a mile down the road and we heard this weird clunking noise…. dave pulled over and got out to investigate. a flat tire. one of our almost brand new tires is flat. how in the world did that happen? we just drove the car last night (around 6:00-ish) to the grocery store, even. weird. so we turned around, traded vehicles (it’s getting a wee bit harder to pull myself into the jeep these days) and started down the road again… but this time in the jeep.

i had my glucose test today. i’ve had a sugar-induced headache (mild one) since about 1:30 this afternoon. i had to drink 50 ml of sugar water (with some orange flavoring) in 5 minutes one hour before my doctor’s appointment today. about 30 minutes after i drank it, i started to get a headache and feel dizzy. i was afraid i might not be able to drive to the doctor’s office. but i made it. i found out that little 50 ml bottle of sugar water contains TWICE AS MUCH SUGAR as you’ll find in a can of Coke. wow. that’s a LOT of sugar. hope i don’t have to do this test again soon. like i said – i’ve had a headache most of the afternoon!

i stopped at lowes on the way home to pick up some anchors so i can re-hang my stamp shelves in my new craft space. dave and tim have a gottathink meeting which includes picking up seven’s crib and changing table boxes from j.c.penney before their dinner meeting. i want to hang my stamp shelves tonight b/c i have to teach at the store tomorrow night and then on wednesday night i can assemble the baby’s furniture. have i ever shared that i LOVE to assemble things? i really wish i had some carpentry skills – i would love to be able to build things from scratch. I love to assemble furniture, too (esp. when the directions are helpful). at my last job before moving across the country, i ordered quite a bit of office furniture pieces and i was always GLADLY in charge of assembling them. when matt was hired (assistant manager) he thought HE should assemble the items b/c he was a guy but i had seniority and i took less time to assemble stuff so diane would always let me do it. don’t think matt liked that too much…. afterall, i was just a secretary…. but i wore a lot of "hats" at that job. and like i said – i had seniority!  :)

okay. off to hang some stamp shelves – i’m a modern, liberated mama!!!

EDITED at 9:00 p.m. TO ADD:
Using these tools (sorry for the blurry photo – that’s where my now MISSING camera came in handy – i could take a photo without the flash and the camera would hold steady):

i hung these shelves:

all by myself!

here’s a closer look at the final product (again – sorry for the blurry photos… after saturday i’ll only be about $25 short of the funds needed for my new/replacement camera):

i LOVE these shelves and am SO THANKFUL to dad for building them for me (i designed them…. did you know that?)! he turned my dream into a reality and i can’t thank him enough!

week 28

Sunday: May 21st –
Baby Seven is growing, growing, growing. Week 28 (which started on Friday) yields a new batch of belly photos for you to view:

Dave uploaded some of the short video clips from our 4D ultrasound to YouTube this weekend, so later this week he’s going to teach me how to add them to my blog. So keep your eyes peeled later this week to see some MOVING IMAGES of my little one!

At week 28 I still feel great! I do have a harder time walking after sitting or lying down for awhile. I’m reminded of my gram pretty much daily, because when I stand up to walk, I do this funny waddle/shuffle – just like she used to do after sitting down for awhile. I’m not making fun of her… I’m just reminded of how much I miss her and how sad I am that she will never see or hold my little Seven.

But back to me at 28 weeks… according to all of my baby books, Baby Seven is fully formed and now just needs to GROW, GROW, GROW (am I seriously going to get BIGGER than this?)! I still don’t have any weird cravings, though sugar is still my friend (but sugar has always been my friend, so that’s nothing new). I’m still always ready to eat Mexican food, too (with a few exceptions). My only food aversion thus far during the pregnancy was earlier on (around 15 weeks?) when I thought my Honeycomb cereal (one of my favorites!) tasted *funny.* I chalked it up to funky taste buds due to baby and haven’t tried it again since. (And I gave the rest of that new box to Tim Dyck).

I have learned that my favorite maternity pants/shorts/skirts are the ones with the giant "elastic" band. I simply fold them over one (or several) time(s) until the band is not on my belly. Those "real waist" pants with the elastic in the back…. not so comfortable (to me). I find myself wanting MORE variety in my wardrobe, but that’s nothing unusual for me! My belly button is still technically an "innie" but each day brings it closer to being an "outtie." I do still have random moments of belly-button-area tenderness, but they have been less frequently lately.

As for baby preparedness:
After work tomorrow we’ll pick up the crib and changing table (thanks to Tim Dyck and his pick-up truck) and hopefully I can get started putting them together (Dave has some Gottathink meetings this week). I’ll have to take the crib bedding (did I ever even tell you it finally arrived – about 3 weeks ago?!) to Lowe’s to get a paint match to the creamy-yellow color. Then I’ll paint the nursery and we’ll choose a "more yellow" color for the bonus room (i’ll probably paint that, too).

well this post is getting longer than i had planned/intended and there’s some pizza waiting for me right now. Love to you all. I’m getting ready to register for some baby stuff, too… will keep you posted on that. All the advice you’ve provided has been EXCELLENT! if you have any more to share, please do so – I’m still open to suggestions and advice!

unexpected work

saturday: may 19th
wow. it all started last night. well, yesterday afternoon, i guess. i couldn’t fit both the crib and changing table boxes into the jeep so i left both at the store and will have to borrow a pick-up truck to go back for them.

i THOUGHT i would do that today. so last night, on a whim, i just started moving stuff from one room to another. by the end of the night, my craft room was mostly empty and the bonus room was a DISASTER (well, it was MORE of a disaster b/c it was already a disaster when i started). i wanted the (former) craft room cleaned out so i would have a PLACE to put the crib and changing table when we do pick them up (one day early this week, hopefully).

today, i spent the ENTIRE DAY working on the bonus room. i moved furniture (a bed and a couch and a TV on a stand) and my craft shelves (still waiting for my super cool new cabinets that dad is going to build) and my desk…. and piles and piles and piles of craft supplies, games, camera equipment, bedding… you name it and it’s probably been in our bonus room!

i finally stopped around 7 p.m. b/c i was EXHAUSTED. i have a LARGE PILE of stuff in the middle of my craft area to sort through. i have large piles in the upstairs hallway (some for goodwill or a garage sale and some for the garage sale at my local scrapbook store this fall). i don’t want to hang any shelves in cmy craft area until i have my cabinets from dad in the room…. i hate having to move things and dave hates extra holes in the walls! so it’ll be awhile before my craft room is at 100% but at least for now i can find (most) things and i can get back to work on my current tam’s treasure box project.

so allow me to leave you with these photos…. the hallway (scrapbook store garage sale pile):

and the hallway (around the bend) that leads into the bonus room:

and my (former) craft room (soon to be the nursery):

and the bonus room with my new craft area at the far end of the room (about 1/3 of the room):

now i’m off to fold some laundry and then relax and watch a movie with dave. i deserve it – i worked hard today!!!


Friday: May 18th
before i begin, if you haven’t seen my last post yet: MEET BABY SEVEN…. you MUST GO CHECK IT OUT. it’s got a 3D ultrasound photo of our baby. yep. you can really meet my baby!  :)

okay – back to today’s topic: so here’s our little spiderman. (okay… not "our" spiderman, but tim & carrilee’s spiderman…)
i played with the photos a bit in photoshop to make a layout for the store (which is pretty darn cool, by the way – but of course i don’t have a photo…. not sure i can get a good one with  my old camera).

i’ve been making projects for the store lately (trying to earn extra money for the new camera!). we had some MARVEL COMIC paper arrive at the store a week ago (by EK Success) and no one reallly knew what to do with it. friday night it HIT ME…. alter some photos in photoshop so they looked more "comic book-like" and then adhere the photos to the paper "scenes." i took the layout to the store yesterday and theh girls LOVED it. and i LOVE it. henry is the cutest little spiderman! can’t wait to show you a photo of the layout! i’ll try to get one today/this weekend.

**and on a totally different subject… baby seven’s crib and changing table arrived (at the store) this week (on wednesday!) so today is my attempted "pick-up" day. i hope they fit in the jeep. otherwise we’ll have to borrow someone’s truck tomorrow to get them!

meet baby seven

meet baby seven:

Well, what do you think? A little Dave? or a little Tamara? Can you tell?

This is my baby. B-A-B-Y. Mine. Ours. A real, live, little human being growing and stretching and wiggling inside me. I’ve been able to FEEL baby seven moving, but to SEE him (her?)… wow. in this much detail. facial features. wiggling toes. the melodrama of a hand/arm raising up to put the backside of a hand against the forehead. yep. we saw it happen. several times. my little drama baby!

we think baby seven looks like dave. hopefully there will be a LITTLE bit of me in this sweet little miracle.

i am just in awe of the miracles of modern day medicine. the detail. the beauty that God is forming inside of me. as i sat back with my tummy covered in warm gel, there were a few moments where i almost wanted to cry. to see my baby healthy. apparently content. cozy inside of me. I AM GOING TO BE A MOM. i love this little baby. it’s real now. when i think of little seven i now have a mental picture of my baby. not just his (her?) skeleton. or eye sockets. but facial features. working lips and mouth. moving arms. wiggling toes. my baby is real. and cute (likely the cutest baby EVER, right?!). and my baby will be here in a few short months.

and for those of you who have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting this information, i have for you some POLL RESULTS! yep. you have waited long enough.

I divided the results into a few groups. Some of you don’t know much about my work environment, so in brief, I have about 90 colleagues, but I only "know" about 15-20 of them. And most of those I "know" through only e-mail relationships. So though I gave all my colleagues (and our clerical staff) the option to join the poll (19 people responded), I’m keeping their "guesses" separate from the guesses of family and other friends since most of my work colleagues don’t "know" me like the rest of you do.

Okay…. with that said, here are the results:
8 boy vs. 7 girl (family and friends)
9 boy vs. 10 girl (work colleagues and work friends)

Lots and Lots of people didn’t respond, but I find it crazy that after months and months of everyone calling seven a "boy," the poll numbers are actually EVEN!!

oh yeah – (dave and I both think "BOY")