week 24

wow. have had so much happen this weekend already…. will have to write more today/tomorrow. but i wanted you to get a good view of me at 24 weeks in my pregnancy. this photo was taken on saturday after my LONG night’s adventure at a 20-0hour benefit crop. it was hard to smile "for real" becuase i was so tired! 

Me at 24 weeks:
i am definitely getting bigger. i feel the baby move almost every day – still usually at night when i’m lying in bed. the movements are getting stronger. i’m consuming all food in sight. it appears that if there’s food (and i like it), i’ll eat it. sheesh – this is one hungry baby! i still sleep well and for about 8 hours a night. when i move from my back to my side or vice versa, baby starts moving around like crazy – guess Seven doesn’t like getting "squished!" i have back pain most of the time and i’m sure that’ll only get worse as my belly continues to grow. when my back is really sore (like on saturday), i tend to "waddle" more than "walk" so we’ll see if i can get that under control!! sleeping on a camping mat on the floor of a church for 5-1/2 hours is NOT a good idea when you’re 6 months pregnant! (but i got a lot accomplished at the crop, so it was worth it). dave has felt the baby move a few more times. can’t wait ’til he can feel the new movements – feels kinda like the baby is "rolling" over or around (maybe doing flips?). with the nicer weather outside, i’m trying to go for a walk after work. gotta be somewhat healthy for this baby, right?!

okay – off to church. more later about the weekend. love ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “week 24

  1. Don’t know about you, but this pregnancy seems to be going by SO FAST!!! Now that you have an unmistakeable baby belly, it seems so real to me (I’m sure it does to you too!). I can’t say that it seems like I “just had” MY first baby, but when you think about what’s been packed in those last 15 years since I was where you are now, it’s pretty hard to believe. The years to come will be described, in retrospect, in a lot of ways…but DULL will NOT be one of them. :) In ways your life is just beginning…Love you, meg

  2. You are one beautiful pregnant woman, Tam! As far as the eating everything in sight goes… I don’t think that goes away after baby comes out :) .

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