sunny saturday

yesterday was a sunny (but chilly) saturday. dave and i had a relaxing morning doing some separate things around the house. then we did something we haven’t done in almost a year – we went for a bike ride. it was our first foray outside the house that day, so we learned the hard way that it was much chillier than it appeared, but we kept going. and we had a great time. we rode by the Lynden Middle School and checked out the aftermath of the bleacher-fire (happened last Monday). then we kept going west and stopped by his parents’ house for a little while – only dad was home. we rode onto 17th street then to check out the sink hole that occurred earlier in march and we wound our way back home. so while we’re both pretty saddle sore today, it was a great date time for us. no tv. no computers. lots of talking. and we were out in the fresh air getting some exercise. loved it.

our date adventure continued into bellingham (via car) so i could drop off some stuff at the store (Treasury) and then we headed to dinner (Applebees) and a movie (Blades of Glory). it was a wonderful and relaxing day. exactly what a saturday SHOULD be…. but so rarely is these days!

hope you were all able to get an opportunity to "breathe" this weekend as well.

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