one week ago today

yep. one week ago today i was rushing from one appointment to the next in preparation for our trip. office to orthodontist to office to ob to office to the spa… ahhh…. the spa.

for my birthday, dave gave me a homemade gift certificate for a pedicure, manicure and massage at the chrysalis in downtown bellingham. after contacting the chrysalis, i learned that they can’t do massages on pregnant women – the insurance is too high. but i still wanted to get my manicure and pedicure there. for a few months, dave has asked me "when are you going to get those done?" and my answer was always the same: before we go on our vacation so my nails can all look good.

last monday was the right time… finally. i spent a little over TWO HOURS at the chrysalis. i was getting PAMPERED. a french manicure. a french pedicure. and i feel "put together" now. it’s amazing how just a little pampering and nice looking nails leave a woman feeling really good about herself. finished. polished. ready to take on the world.

and it was on monday that i realized that i don’t take enough time to CARE for myself. i play a lot in my scrap room. and i’m beginning to spend a little more time on my hair and make up and matching my jewelry to my outfits on a daily basis. but i don’t spend enough time caring for myself and pampering myself. i’ve been blaming it on my job and my keyboard all these years – that i can’t have nicely polished nails because it’ll all chip off from my hours and hours of typing…

hopefully that will change a little later this summer. even with a new baby, i would like to continue to try to TAKE THE TIME to care for myself. to make myself look good on the outside. i know that dave will appreciate that. (no worries, friends and family… i’m not planning on becoming high maintenance. i just want to take care of myself a little more. be a "good looking woman." someone my husband will always be glad to say he married. i know there’s a lot on the INSIDE that goes along with all of this. i feel like i have a decent handle on that (most days). but the outside is my current focus.

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