in one week…

in one week our bags will be packed and we’ll be ready to get a short night’s sleep before we begin our Wednesday morning journey to CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO!!!

i’ve just finished putting in a LONG day at the store and my feet are REALLY sore, as is my lower back (especially the left side) so i’m looking forward to just vegging in front of the TV for the next hour or so and then heading to bed. but i don’t teach for the next TWO WEEKS and i’m looking forward to the break!

happy Tuesday, everyone!

p.s. thanks to everyone for the advice on baby stuff. as you think of it, feel free to keep posting suggestions here on my blog or e-mail me a good long list. i’ve got a great start thanks to all of you, but i’m always willing to take more advice!

One thought on “in one week…

  1. Hey Tam! Another suggestion to add to the mix. I found that diaper pails really don’t work for smelly diapers. So get a cute galvanized (sp?) bucket and put it on your deck by the sliding glass door. When Baby Seven gives you a good smelly one put it in that bucket outside. Then you won’t have that smell lingering in your house. It’s much, much better than putting it in a diaper pail.

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