it happened last night. (wednesday).

around 10 p.m.

we were lying in bed, watching House (we tivo’ed the tuesday night episode) and i asked dave for his hand and placed it on my belly.

he FELT baby seven MOVE.


he joked that the baby was doing jumping jacks. i just think it’s SO COOL that dave could finally feel some indication of the life growing inside of me.

tomorrow (friday) we’ll be 24 weeks along. six months. i like to say "24 weeks" more than "6 months" b/c "6 months" sounds scary…. "24 weeks" sounds like i have LOTS of time left!  :)

3 thoughts on “feelings

  1. That is so much fun! Just wait till Dave can see Baby Seven move- Markus had a favorite kicking spot, and Mark could always see the complete outline of his foot when he was kicking me!

  2. I was just telling Nate the other day about the first time Jim really felt him move. We were on a road trip to Montana and had been stuck in the car for hours on end. Pulled into a KOA, got the trailer set up and finally in bed around 11 PM. Nate had had enough of being cooped up and proceeded to use his “freedom” to put on an internal aerobics fest. This was Jim’s first “contact” with baby Nate…and in dramatic style no less. Happy memories to you, Dave and Seven!

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