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when we had linda’s "surprise" birthday dessert, i made it a point to get a family photo since we were all together and because we didn’t get one on easter sunday (as i had initially hoped). so sterling isn’t in these photos, but it’s kinda cool – like this is the final "hurrah" for the family before we add sterling and baby seven to the mix.

and i know that rachel is really blurry in the second photo, but we were playing around trying to make baby seven and i the "star" of the second photo (kinda like the girl in the cheerleading photo who does the split in front of the pyramid?).

enjoy the family photos!

oh yeah – take a look at dave’s hair. he hasn’t cut it (except for a little trim job to the hair by his ears) in a LONG time. he’s talking about growing an afro. or letting his hair grow until baby seven is due (8/10/07) or until his high school reunion (9/8/07). i’m pretty much opposed to the ON-GOING growth of his hair, but i do like to play with it. as long as he adds some product to it (usually only on sundays) i’m okay with it… but when he just lets it go wild…. i’m not such a fan if we’re out in public. thankfully he wears a hat a lot. we’ll see what happens, though, because he may have to cut it for work before the baby or the reunion…. one day at a time. one night i saw him pretty late and he’d obviously been playing with his hair at work that day. his hair was sticking STRAIGHT UP and it looked a little like don king. no exaggeration. just not long enough. too funny!

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  1. What part of the reunion are you planning on going to? We’re actually going to be in town for it because my brother is getting married the week before. It would be great if we could same event(s). When you get a chance let me know what you two are thinking. Thanks!

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