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so while talking with someone today, i was "reminded" that baby seven is due exactly FOUR MONTHS from today. wow. four months from today i could have a little baby. THAT freaks me out a bit! okay, not just a bit but kind of a lot. me? responsible for another human life? this is why i try to take this whole process ONE DAY at a time and focus on the fun and/or easy stuff (like shopping and ultrasounds and goodies like that)!

also, i think i am FINALLY beginning to feel baby seven MOVE. yep. first time was on sunday night april 1st. i was lying in bed, watching TV and i could feel my own heartbeat below my belly button. then, all of a sudden, i felt this pulse or beat…. harder than my heart beat and not at all in rhythm with my heartbeat. about 10 minutes later i felt it one more time. than nothing again until saturday night the 7th when i felt the same feeling. SO COOL!

and yesterday, at work, i felt this "glug" feeling at the top of my "baby belly" – twice in a short time span. i’m pretty sure it was baby moving around. SO COOL. i’m really getting excited for dave to feel the baby move – hopefully soon!

so there’s my update for you about baby seven. hope you like it!  :)

p.s. taya – to answer your question about rachel’s wedding: it’s set for father’s day – sunday, june 17th. a very small (40 people or less) family affair with a full reception planned for early september.

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  1. I have to admit that the only thing I miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby moving. I loved that – most of the time. Each baby moved differently, too. That really surprised me. Cami was a kicker, Sean was a roller, and Nate was a stretcher. Enjoy!

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