an unexpected monday

so it’s crazy here. after sunny skies on saturday, it was HAILING yesterday morning when we went to church. yep. HAIL (small, but still hail). then this morning, it was SNOWING as we drove to church. seriously. this is not an april fool’s or early-april joke. snow fell from the sky and landed on our windshield. crazy.

and then i got to work and am trying to clean out my e-mail box from last week (some administrative stuff that i always put off)…. glad i spent the time going through it. the e-mails reminded me that i’ve been paying for short-term-disability coverage for about 2 years now. i had forgotten about it. i was ready, in fact, to CANCEL it…. when someone reminded me that i’m currently pregnant which means i can file a short-term disability claim once the baby is born. woo hoo! it’s like found money…. we’ll be alel to pay our hospital bill…. and maybe even buy some diapers, too! God is so faithful.

….now if only the sunshine and warm weather (without the rain) would return……..

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