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one week ago today

yep. one week ago today i was rushing from one appointment to the next in preparation for our trip. office to orthodontist to office to ob to office to the spa… ahhh…. the spa.

for my birthday, dave gave me a homemade gift certificate for a pedicure, manicure and massage at the chrysalis in downtown bellingham. after contacting the chrysalis, i learned that they can’t do massages on pregnant women – the insurance is too high. but i still wanted to get my manicure and pedicure there. for a few months, dave has asked me "when are you going to get those done?" and my answer was always the same: before we go on our vacation so my nails can all look good.

last monday was the right time… finally. i spent a little over TWO HOURS at the chrysalis. i was getting PAMPERED. a french manicure. a french pedicure. and i feel "put together" now. it’s amazing how just a little pampering and nice looking nails leave a woman feeling really good about herself. finished. polished. ready to take on the world.

and it was on monday that i realized that i don’t take enough time to CARE for myself. i play a lot in my scrap room. and i’m beginning to spend a little more time on my hair and make up and matching my jewelry to my outfits on a daily basis. but i don’t spend enough time caring for myself and pampering myself. i’ve been blaming it on my job and my keyboard all these years – that i can’t have nicely polished nails because it’ll all chip off from my hours and hours of typing…

hopefully that will change a little later this summer. even with a new baby, i would like to continue to try to TAKE THE TIME to care for myself. to make myself look good on the outside. i know that dave will appreciate that. (no worries, friends and family… i’m not planning on becoming high maintenance. i just want to take care of myself a little more. be a "good looking woman." someone my husband will always be glad to say he married. i know there’s a lot on the INSIDE that goes along with all of this. i feel like i have a decent handle on that (most days). but the outside is my current focus.

family photo

when we had linda’s "surprise" birthday dessert, i made it a point to get a family photo since we were all together and because we didn’t get one on easter sunday (as i had initially hoped). so sterling isn’t in these photos, but it’s kinda cool – like this is the final "hurrah" for the family before we add sterling and baby seven to the mix.

and i know that rachel is really blurry in the second photo, but we were playing around trying to make baby seven and i the "star" of the second photo (kinda like the girl in the cheerleading photo who does the split in front of the pyramid?).

enjoy the family photos!

oh yeah – take a look at dave’s hair. he hasn’t cut it (except for a little trim job to the hair by his ears) in a LONG time. he’s talking about growing an afro. or letting his hair grow until baby seven is due (8/10/07) or until his high school reunion (9/8/07). i’m pretty much opposed to the ON-GOING growth of his hair, but i do like to play with it. as long as he adds some product to it (usually only on sundays) i’m okay with it… but when he just lets it go wild…. i’m not such a fan if we’re out in public. thankfully he wears a hat a lot. we’ll see what happens, though, because he may have to cut it for work before the baby or the reunion…. one day at a time. one night i saw him pretty late and he’d obviously been playing with his hair at work that day. his hair was sticking STRAIGHT UP and it looked a little like don king. no exaggeration. just not long enough. too funny!

more scrapbook pages

hopefully you enjoyed yesterday’s layouts…. here are a few more for your viewing pleasure!

babysitting henry (2/07)

mini photo shoot with rachel & sterling (4/8/07) – dave took these awesome photos

  henry and a new puppy (2/07)

us on easter (4/8/07)

rachel & sterling’s engagement party (3/07)

i did get quite a few layouts accomplished (from start to finish) at the crop. only one layout "needs more work" but all the rest can be filed away! and i’ve been MOTIVATED to scrap since the weekend, so i sat down on sunday and made FOUR mini books (all without photos – the cabo one posted earlier this week, one "neutral" baby one and two "boy" baby books). then on Monday night i sat down and made a girly-girl mini album (again, no photos). so i think i’m well-prepared to have a baby boy…. and i’m marginally prepared to have a baby girl!  :)

crop update

so the crop over the weekend was SO MUCH FUN! i sat with polly, candie and shantell – and i didn’t really know ANY of them before the event. we had a blast all night long. polly and candie went home to sleep and came back in the morning. i went to sleep from 1:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and shantell stayed awake ALL NIGHT LONG! no one at our table won any door prizes or raffle prizes, but i did win a prize for raising the second highest amount of money for the Mighty Maxwell Guild (to be donated to the uncompensated care fund at Seattle Childrens Hospital). i owe it to  my employer… they provided a VERY GENEROUS donation to the guild.

baby seven and i ate a LOT of food (they had meals or snacks for us EVERY TWO HOURS…. wow… a bit too frequently, i think?!). there was music ALL NIGHT LONG. and store runs with a 40% off coupon. so many great things.

here are a few layouts i made (again, i’m too lazy to scan them, so hopefully the photos will at least give you some ideas of what i accomplished/created).

joshua baron – so tiny! (4/5/07)
jeff with his black apron (11/06)
the colors of seattle (10/06)
dave the ‘copter pilot (12/06)
henry’s dedication (4/1/07)

more to come…. tomorrow?!


i missed national "sibling day" which was last week (or the week before?). in fact, i only found out about it from my friend elizabeth who posted a photo of her brother on her blog that day. i have no recent photos of just john and i (heck – i only see him once a year, usually) but i do have this very recent photo of me wearing something that makes me think of my brother. so here goes:

Tam, Seven and Google!

i just thought some people (especially my brother) would be interested to see me PROUDLY wearing my GOOGLE t-shirt with my baby belly…. i’m hoping they have GOOGLE onesies and that baby seven gets a few from uncle john and aunt babi!   :)

dave and i have talked about the possibility of having to move "south" (i.e. closer to seattle) one day for work for him if DIS ends up not being a good fit long term (and if there are no other options up here). john could probably help him get into GOOGLE, which we both think would be SO COOL. but the thought of living closer to seattle. and dealing with that traffic. and the cost of living down there. ugh. makes me really glad for what we have here right now! so instead, i just proudly tell people that "my brother works for google in their nyc office" and they are appropriately impressed!

love you john! am so proud of you! and i miss you! and happy belated national sibling day!! 


yep. we’re cabo-bound and we’re SO EXCITED! here’s the mini book i made so i can journal in it WHILE we’re there AND so i can add photos when we return!

after a flurry of final around the house stuff (e-mail, watering the plants, cleaning the kitchen) AND packing all the stuff we’ll need for a week in mexico…. we were READY TO HEAD OUT OF TOWN. time…. to…. relax!!!

baby seven update

so on Monday (4/23/07) i had another follow-up appointment with my doctor. i’m doing well. measuring well. the doctor did a mini-ultrasound today to look at baby seven’s heart… which is just fine. she did provide me with two photos of the heart (upon request), a photo of the spine and a photo of a blur/blob!  :) i have gained 20 pounds (i weighed 126 at my first appointment and am currently weighing just under 145) which is more than the books recommend, but Dr. Tu says i’m doing just fine, especially now that i’m walking more often (the nicer weather helps)!

now i know you can’t see these very well (i’m too lazy to use the scanner), but here are some photos of baby seven:

the top two photos are from our first ultrasound. they are profile shots of baby seven (looks like an alien). the bottom two photos are from today – the one on the left is of baby seven’s heart and on the right you can pretty clearly see baby seven’s spine.

seeing baby’s SPINE is one of the COOLEST things. maybe b/c it’s so easy to tell that’s what it is. or maybe it’s because it’s one of the only times i’ll ever see my baby’s spine! but i love it. it’s so *wild* to watch baby seven wiggling around inside of me and to watch the spine bend, flex and move. we were designed by God in an amazing way. the way our bodies move. and adjust. and flex. and grow. it’s just a wild thought. and when i see my baby wiggling around, i am just in awe. in awe of His creation. in awe of His design. in awe of life.

and with that, it’s time for me to pack up our suitcases and head to cabo!

(FYI: though we head to cabo early on wednesday morning, i am going to have some blog updates that will post during my absence. it’s magic…. so don’t ask how. but you can look forward to lots of fun photos and feel free to comment… i’ll check ‘em all when i get home!)

birthday fun

so we celebrated linda’s birthday on saturday (4/21/07). it was crazy b/c it was a kind-of last minute celebration and the WHOLE FAMILY was able to attend! three of her children lied to her about their saturday night activities so they could get to our house before she and dad were scheduled to arrive. guess which three? (hint: dave and i did NOT lie to her). and even granma was able to join us! we just sat around and talked, ate cake, opened presents and talked some more, but when she walked in the front door and saw granma (her mom) she was surprised and then when she saw her other three children…. yep. you guessed it… she started to tear up a bit.

since we wanted the dessert to be a surprise, i just made whatever cake i had in the cupboard (butter yellow cake) which turned out to be her FAVORITE! i added some chocolate frosting and an awful lot of sprinkles and candles and we ate like kings & queens!

here are two photos from the evening’s festivities:

So one final time for this year, "Hap-py Birth-day to-o-o-o-o-o you-ou-ou-ou-ou!"

week 24

wow. have had so much happen this weekend already…. will have to write more today/tomorrow. but i wanted you to get a good view of me at 24 weeks in my pregnancy. this photo was taken on saturday after my LONG night’s adventure at a 20-0hour benefit crop. it was hard to smile "for real" becuase i was so tired! 

Me at 24 weeks:
i am definitely getting bigger. i feel the baby move almost every day – still usually at night when i’m lying in bed. the movements are getting stronger. i’m consuming all food in sight. it appears that if there’s food (and i like it), i’ll eat it. sheesh – this is one hungry baby! i still sleep well and for about 8 hours a night. when i move from my back to my side or vice versa, baby starts moving around like crazy – guess Seven doesn’t like getting "squished!" i have back pain most of the time and i’m sure that’ll only get worse as my belly continues to grow. when my back is really sore (like on saturday), i tend to "waddle" more than "walk" so we’ll see if i can get that under control!! sleeping on a camping mat on the floor of a church for 5-1/2 hours is NOT a good idea when you’re 6 months pregnant! (but i got a lot accomplished at the crop, so it was worth it). dave has felt the baby move a few more times. can’t wait ’til he can feel the new movements – feels kinda like the baby is "rolling" over or around (maybe doing flips?). with the nicer weather outside, i’m trying to go for a walk after work. gotta be somewhat healthy for this baby, right?!

okay – off to church. more later about the weekend. love ya’ll!


i just realized that there haven’t been very many photos of DAVE & I taken this year. here’s one from late last year (12/10/06) when we went to the Sonics game on our annual first-date-anniversary.

for some reason, i love these extra-close up photos – maybe b/c i feel like i can read into our eyes? i don’t know. but i really hope that we’ll start taking more photos of US…. especially as my belly continues to grow.

this is a crazy busy weekend. in the morning (friday) i’ll make a dessert for saturday night (we’re having dave’s parents over – "just because"). then from 2-5 i’ll be helping treasury of memories SET UP for the crop that starts around 5:30 tomorrow night and ends at 2 p.m. on saturday (which means i also have to get myself ORGANIZED so i can work on some fun projects at the crop). after a night of limited sleep, i’ll head home, clean up the house a tad and finish the dessert so we’re ready for an evening of fun with dave’s parents.

would you believe that i haven’t yet FINISHED the layouts i made at the crop in FEBRUARY?! yep. still have to add DATES to every one of those layouts. maybe that’ll happen tonight. or maybe i’ll prep for this crop. or maybe i’ll just be lazy and sit in front of the tv all night.