right now i am so happy i can’t stop smiling. one month from tomorrow we are GOING ON VACATION! i LOVE vacations. and this one is no exception. i’m tired of the rain. i’m tired of the cold. and we are going to CABO SAN LUCAS IN MEXICO! it’s our 2007 vacation and early anniversary celebration. i will be large and pregnant (okay – i’m already well on my way to the "large" part) but i don’t care. i am so excited to have a week off, a week away, a week in the sunshine (yippee for swimming pools, sand and the ocean) and a week of just dave and i. so if you see me smiling, now you know why!! all the details are set. for one price we got our airfare (out of Bellingham, even!) and our hotel accommodations and it’s an all-inclusive resort so our food is covered, too. whew. i love that part of all-inclusive vacations… no need to take your wallet to dinner!

and we’ll get some 20-week photos taken soon (tomorrow, most likely) and i’ll get them posted ASAP.

3 thoughts on “vacation

  1. i am so coveting your plans right now… enjoy your “babymoon” (my friends jer and jodi recently went on a trip to mexico too before the birth of their daughter in may and called it their babymoon. thought that was cute.).

  2. I’m so excited for you! Cabo is great and i’m sure you’ll make many women jealous of how great you look pregnant in a bathing suit. =) Oh and by the way, no matter what people say you can still vacation after you have kids and still have a great time. It’s all a matter of attitude. =)

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