tomorrow night…

   see this pile of stuff? tomorrow night i plan to combine it all together to make a cute mini book for the store. yep. you read it here first. in one night, i will create a little "The ABCs of Kenya" album as part of my March Design Team kit. I’m looking forward to starting AND finishing a cute little project in one night. that’s my plan, at least! i’ll make sure to post a photo of the complete project so you can see it before i take it to the store! (oh – and i reserve the right to use more supplies than what you see above!)

ETA: It’s 7:03 p.m. and we just got a phone call from Rachel (Dave’s sister)…. she’s engaged! Total shocker to us but congrats to Rach. Guess it’s time we get to know this Sterling guy, eh?!

3 thoughts on “tomorrow night…

  1. Um… what? Who is this guy? Have you met him? His name is Sterling? Like the silver? (bet he’s never heard that before). Please give her my love and congrats!

  2. What is that stuff?? Definitely I did not put it in your kit!! (little book, yes.) Did we get new product in while I am away? Hmmm, can’t wait to hear what is going on! Ha ha.

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