stapler & EHM

here’s a photo of kevin and his gelatinized stapler….

he was quite impressed with the prank and it was the talk of the office for a little while!  :)

on another note, i got some e-mail messages this week from "back home." if you’re familiar with the TV show Extreme Home Makeover, make sure you watch it on May 6th. The home they rebuild is in Levittown, PA and is located less than a mile from where my mom lives (and where I was raised)! The house is HUGE (I’ve seen some "in progress" photos) and my mom and Ann Kovalik (good family friends) have seen the house and some of the "building" process. i guess the street has been blocked off for about a week – cop cars monitoring everything – i can’t imagine LIVING on that street and having to deal with not only the traffic, but all the people (the workers, the on-lookers, etc.), but they are doing a wonderful thing. apparently a single mother bought the house and after they moved in, discovered it was 100% INFESTED with termites and then the house was CONDEMNED by the county (city?) and it was Extreme Home Makeover to the rescue!

so there’s my update for you. let’s see if i can come up with anything else interesting to share with you later this week! 

One thought on “stapler & EHM

  1. I walked over to the house this morning (about 6:45 am) to see the progress from yesterday. The “Move That Bus” comes at 2:00 pm this afternoon. The house is beautiful. Far more beautiful however, is the excitement generated within the community. Donations are being made to help pay off the $220,000 existing mortgage. Everyone smiles and is excited for the family consisting of one mom and 4 teenagers who have been living in their grandparents dining room. Another nice piece of trivia is that they were only on the EHM wait-list for about 3 months.

    We all have a warm and fuzzy feeling. Crime has been virtually non-existent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could last?

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