regular ultrasound

yesterday morning was our "regular" ultrasound (the standard one we all get at 20 weeks). it wasn’t as cool as we had hoped. or it wasn’t as cool as i had built it up to be. maybe it was the little screen. or the lack of really knowing WHAT we were looking at. i couldn’t see the four chambers of the heart (heck, i couldn’t even see the heart!) and i couldn’t see the brain… but it WAS cool to see baby seven doing the "running man" inside me. and it was really cool to see baby seven’s spine… it is truly amazing what God is creating inside of me right now.

despite the somewhat disappointing "regular" ultrasound, we are still planning on doing the 4D ultrasound (a month or two from now) and we even found a location in Bellingham that now does the ultrasounds, so we don’t have to go all the way to Seattle for the event! I’ve seen photos from 3D ultrasounds and i have a feeling that we won’t be disappointed with that one at all.

top off yesterday’s ultrasound with the reality that tomorrow will mark 20 weeks of my pregnancy and i still haven’t FELT baby seven move inside me. not a little flutter. no butterflies. no "gas bubbles." nothing like that. this little baby must take after momma and daddy… STUBBORN and will do things in his (or her) own sweet time!

2 thoughts on “regular ultrasound

  1. So disregard my sentiments about your time in Seattle- I thought this was your 4D. I’m glad you still enjoyed seeing your little one, even if it wasn’t as exciting as you had hoped. I hope you’re having a great day off today!

  2. Sorry the ultrasound was a little disappointing. I think the day is always so exciting for us b/c we find out what we’re having. It feels like Christmas morning. I also like being reassured that everything with the baby looks good. I bet your 4-D ultrasound will be amazing! Thanks for the e-mail about Micah’s glasses. He really is cute. :)

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