rainy sunday fun

what do you in your home on a rainy sunday afternoon? we tend to do a variety of indoor activities, but today’s was extra fun. dave has been planning a practical joke on someone at work for a LONG time… and this weekend the time was finally right. today dave cooked up 30 batches of gelatin. why? so he could suspend a red stapler in the block of gelatin. kevin’s red stapler. right now, we have a large tub of gelatin chilling in the refrigerator… with a stapler hanging in it (from some wrapped dental floss). i only wish i could be a fly on the wall of kevin’s cube tomorrow when he walks in to find his precious red stapler suspended in a blob of gelatin… sitting on his desk!! 

i hate to think what prank might be headed our way to "get even" with dave for this one!

(**We’re pretty convinced that we’ll have to buy kevin a new red stapler.)

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