i missed TOM’s most recent scrapbook garage sale, but i’ve been SO MOTIVATED to clean out my own stash that today i got started. i have quite a bit of stuff that i plan to put into the sale in the fall… and i’m SO EXCITED to clean out my stash, get rid of stuff I haven’t used… and earn some store credit!  i have stickers, flowers, rub ons, stamps, embellishments, punches, idea books, magazines… AND SO MUCH MORE ready to GO GO GO…. now i just have to wait 6 or more LONG months to get this stuff out of the house!

i’m not sure if it’s me in spring cleaning mode or me in nesting mode (isn’t it too early?) or me in de-clutter mode (which i get fairly often) or what. or maybe i’m just gearing up for having to move ALL MY CRAFT STUFF from my craft room (soon to be the nursery) into the bonus room – AFTER, that is, my dear husband and father in law build a series of cabinets for my use in there!!!

it sure does feel good to PURGE the stash! trust me, though, i still have PLENTY of goodies left for play time!!!

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