yep. my belly continues to grow. i had to teach at the scrapbook store yesterday and the ladies are all so kind – telling me that i look so tiny for someone who is 5 months pregnant (i’m at the beginning of my 5th month)! but i am definitely showing – and it depends what shirt i wear just how pregnant i look! :)   i think there will be a big difference in my "belly photos" from week 16 to week 20. i’ll be interested to see them side-by-side.

on another note, i’m looking forward to this weekend. i’m going dress shopping with a friend (she’s shopping, not me) on friday and on saturday i have a scrapbook activity with my darling friend Cami. and then we have a date for lunch and some shopping (i’ve gotta buy some birthday presents for people).

i’m still waiting to feel the baby move… the doctor said it could be up to 22 weeks before i feel the baby moving inside. i’m getting a bit antsy, but at the same time, maybe this lack of activity means i’ll have a "chill baby?!" i’m hoping so!! 

sorry no photos to post today. i’ll have to pull out the camera soon or dig up some old photos for my next few posts. and tonight is LOST and i’m glad the SUSPENSE of the show has returned. i also love the 16 weeks of all-new-episodes. i just wish it weren’t SO LATE AT NIGHT! off to wait for lost to begin…

2 thoughts on “growing

  1. Maybe Baby Seven is a GIRL! With Micah, I was definitely showing and wearing maternity clothes by 18 weeks. With Samuel it was 16 weeks. With this baby (third in 3 years), I didn’t start showing until 22 weeks… and it’s a girl. Hmmmm….

  2. I can’t wait until you feel the baby move. Seriously, there’s nothing like it. You’ll know it when it happens.

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