found it!

yes, dear family and friends… i have FINALLY found a crib AND A MATCHING changing table/dresser THAT I LIKE! I have looked EVERYWHERE and have been totally turned off by designs, styles, and (most of all) prices. last week, however, someone suggested i check costco and jcpenney.

and penney’s has COME THROUGH. i’m not normally a fan of that store, but i went on-line, found a crib i like a changing table i really like and they match. the crib can be converted to a full length twin bed (eventually) and even into a toddler bed (if needed) in-between. the conversion rails are separate, but they’re not overly expensive. the changing table has three drawers (what i wanted) so it looks like a dresser with a little rail around the top. shipping is where you ALWAYS get nailed on these on-line furniture deals, so i kept pretending i was going to order the stuff tonight to find out about shipping costs. to have the three items (crib, changing table and conversion rails) shipped to our house would be $160 (shipping plus tax) but to have it sent to the local store (in Bellingham) it’s only $100 (shipping plus tax) so we can save $60 by picking it up at the store. and even with shipping, handling & tax, it’ll still be under $600 for the two pieces of furniture and the conversion rails. THAT is what i was ultimately hoping for (the furniture pieces for $500 or less).

i feel this HUGE relief right now. we’re on a "no buying" freeze for the next month. and i don’t really want to get the furniture before i have an empty room where i can put it (gotta get dad & dave busy with the cabinets for the bonus room so i can move my craft stuff out), but at least i finally know WHAT i want. i added the furniture to my site so i’ll even remember EXACTLY which ones i wanted! yippee!!!

oh yeah… links would be nice, eh? let’s try these:
Crib (honey oak finish, though):
Changing Table/Dresser (honey oak finish):
(and many thanks to dave who just spent 5 minutes fiddling around with the penney’s info to get these links to work)!

2 thoughts on “found it!

  1. It’s beautiful Tam! Isaiah has a sleigh crib and i still just love it. Can’t wait to see pictures of when you have the room all put together. =)

  2. I love these pieces Tam! Furniture was the hardest thing for us to find, too. We finally broke down and spent way too much on a crib because Markus was 6 weeks old and needed to get out of his bassinet. I do love what we ended up with- but not what we paid for it. Thanks for sharing!

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