almost halfway

this weekend marks 17 weeks for this pregnancy. in just three short weeks, we’ll be HALFWAY through the pregnancy. WOW. where has the time gone? i’m halfway there and i feel a little overwhelmed with all the things i have yet to do! move the craft room to the bonus room, paint the nursery, BUY NURSERY FURNITURE, register for baby goodies, get a car seat…. wow.

on a better note, though, dave and i went over to brant and trisha’s today to see baby joshua. he is TINY but so cute. and sitting there holding him, even though he’s so tiny, i wasn’t terrified. yep. i was NOT terrified. that was an interesting feeling for me b/c i’ve always been so terrified of being responsible for another human life. but sitting there, with dave next to me, talking with our friends and holding their baby, it was okay. i felt comfortable. peaceful. minorly prepared.

so let’s see how i feel tomorrow after spending an hour (plus) in the nursery with the toddlers!!  :)

One thought on “almost halfway

  1. i can’t believe in 3 weeks you’ll be halfway. it has gone by pretty fast! if you need any help painting, i’m sure i could give you some. or just keep you company! that’s awesome that you felt comfortable holding a tiny little human life–it’s so scary sometimes! now we just gotta get you changing those diapers…

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