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so much to say

Wow… SO MUCH TO SHARE right now! First, Happy LAST DAY OF MARCH…. which also means HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Carrilee!!! Love ya, girl!

SPRING IS IN THE AIR. We’ve had a few days of beautiful, sunny weather this week. And our little front yard tree continues to grow and bloom each year. Here’s a photo of our tree (with our home in the background):

Can you see what’s to the right of the door? That green package? Yep. ANOTHER box for Baby Dunkin from Nana. I love the contents – a note to Baby Seven, a little onesie and another sweater, bonnet & blanket set… this time in an aqua color. I love the color. It’s soft, soothing and neutral! The coolest thing, though? The buttons on the sweater. They’re made from real seashells. AND they used to belong to my great-grandmother (I never met her) – Grammy Bair (my mom’s mom’s mom). If Baby Seven is a boy, part of his name will come from Pop Pop Bair (my mom’s mom’s dad), who gave the buttons to my mom after Grammy Bair died. I love these generational ties and can’t wait to do a scrapbook page about my child wearing this sweater with those buttons… I’ll have to get a photo of Pop Pop and Grammy Bair to include on that page…. maybe using a photo copy of the photo and then the packing tape transfer idea I’ve been wanting to try for YEARS now?!

On to another topic. Remember my “just a glimpse” mini book I started yesterday morning? well, i FINISHED it last night. yep. journaling, stamping, inking, painting, it’s complete AND I LOVE IT. i love the colors. i love the “energy” the colors bring to the black & white photos. i love the various products used in the album AND i’m so glad that i actually USED so much of what i purchased earlier this week! i added paint to the edges of ALL the pages. i added more letter stickers to title the photos. i also added one button per “photo title.” i used some creative imaginations ledger paper plus the Foofala ribbon and buttons for the journaling segments which are hidden in the pocket pages. i used my new pebbles foam stamps and some paint to “decorate” the pocket pages. i was trying for similar colors and design as found in the patterned papers – didn’t quite achieve that look, so i used some brown paint to try to distress/age it a bit, too. i’m not a huge fan of that part of my little book, but i don’t absolutely hate it and it is something fun and different for me, so i guess it’s all good! i also used a sheet of little “label boxes” that Treasury created for the titles on my pocket pages. so here are some photos of the finished product…..

oh yeah – and i made a few cards with some of the scraps from the paper i used on the mini album. four cute cards that i really like! too fun! here are two of them:

and here are some photos of all the goodies i bought earlier this week (not including the patterned paper i used in the mini album):

those pebbles brand foam stamps are amazing. SO MANY DESIGNS crammed into those two foam “blocks” for only $8! the paper in the photo is all by Daisy D’s (from the Beacon Hill line)…. and I think I already have a project in mind for that paper (or some of it, at least, but it’s a secret for now, especially in case it doesn’t happen)!

and since i used so much of what i purchased earlier this week, i felt “comfortable” buying some new HAMBLY overlays (and one sheet of patterned paper) when i was in the store today (to get JUST glue sticks)! I’m already envisioning a 6×6 mini album… and it turns out it’s A BRAND NEW arrival to the store… how i find these things, i’ll never know. but i sure can sniff out the new goodies, eh?!

So thanks for listening to me ramble here about such a wide variety of things. I’d like to do a blog post JUST answering “baby-related” questions, so I’ll wait for a few more questions to appear before i answer Taya’s question about my post-baby work plans. So ASK AWAY, dear friends and family!!

And now I really MUST go and work on the church’s budget proposal for some redecorating. I’m kind of “in charge” of the overall project and we have a big proposal to present to the church Board at their next meeting (Tuesday the 10th).


i’ve got some stuff i have to go do for the next few hours, but this morning i was able to spend some quality time in my scraproom. i bought some GOODIES at the scrapbook store earlier this week (with my birthday gift certificate from the store owner – and i still have some money left!) and i wanted to start PLAYING with them! i have a long way to go on this project, but here’s what i’ve created so far using a 7Gypsies album, some Foofala and Autumn Leaves patterned paper, Foofala buttons, Autumn Leaves cool chipboard pieces, Making Memories alpha stickers and some paint and ink. I dug out some old black & white photos from my "most recent" journey to Jerusalem (back in the summer of 2000). i need to add more journaling or letter stickers, maybe find a way to include my new Pebbles Foam Stamp set into the album and, of course, there must be BLING with all these pretty pink papers!!  :) Hope you like the start of my project!

found it!

yes, dear family and friends… i have FINALLY found a crib AND A MATCHING changing table/dresser THAT I LIKE! I have looked EVERYWHERE and have been totally turned off by designs, styles, and (most of all) prices. last week, however, someone suggested i check costco and jcpenney.

and penney’s has COME THROUGH. i’m not normally a fan of that store, but i went on-line, found a crib i like a changing table i really like and they match. the crib can be converted to a full length twin bed (eventually) and even into a toddler bed (if needed) in-between. the conversion rails are separate, but they’re not overly expensive. the changing table has three drawers (what i wanted) so it looks like a dresser with a little rail around the top. shipping is where you ALWAYS get nailed on these on-line furniture deals, so i kept pretending i was going to order the stuff tonight to find out about shipping costs. to have the three items (crib, changing table and conversion rails) shipped to our house would be $160 (shipping plus tax) but to have it sent to the local store (in Bellingham) it’s only $100 (shipping plus tax) so we can save $60 by picking it up at the store. and even with shipping, handling & tax, it’ll still be under $600 for the two pieces of furniture and the conversion rails. THAT is what i was ultimately hoping for (the furniture pieces for $500 or less).

i feel this HUGE relief right now. we’re on a "no buying" freeze for the next month. and i don’t really want to get the furniture before i have an empty room where i can put it (gotta get dad & dave busy with the cabinets for the bonus room so i can move my craft stuff out), but at least i finally know WHAT i want. i added the furniture to my site so i’ll even remember EXACTLY which ones i wanted! yippee!!!

oh yeah… links would be nice, eh? let’s try these:
Crib (honey oak finish, though):
Changing Table/Dresser (honey oak finish):
(and many thanks to dave who just spent 5 minutes fiddling around with the penney’s info to get these links to work)!


hey everyone! sorry for my limited blogging lately. there’s some good stuff going on in my brain right now – all kinds of creative stuff. i bought tons of new goodies at the store today and i’m eagerly waiting for an opportunity to PLAY with it all! tonight i had to make cards for next week’s tuesday card class. hopefully i’ll have some fun craft-related goodies to show you this weekend!
my "grown up job" (as we call it at the scrapbook store) is keeping me pretty busy right now, too. i was out in the field (in sedro woolley) on monday morning and i’m STILL playing "catch up" with  my work load. hopefully i’ll get ALL of this week’s work finished up tomorrow so i can enjoy my friday off. speaking of work, however, i want to take this opportunity to share that while i "have my moments" with my job, overall, i really do like what i do. otherwise i don’t think i’d still be doing it almost 8 years after starting in the industry! not only is my job pretty cool, but my employer is AWESOME and my office is freakin’ AMAZING! these photos show you a glimpse of my office – where i spend my days (monday through thursday) and the view out my HUGE windows of the mount baker theater. on a clear day i can actually see the mountains up in canada… and the tip of mount baker. i have a great view. so here are a few photos of my world that won’t be "my world" anymore after august!

my belly continues to grow. and i continue to wait to feel seven moving around inside of me.

birthday & belly

Today was my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Nannah!! And she really liked the top and necklace we sent to her – guess my ability to shop for people continues!  :)

Today the Dunkin family was finally able to celebrate Granma Lou’s birthday. She felt good (and looked good) and was willing and able to leave the assisted living facility/retirement community where she lives. We had a good lunch and fun family fellowship for a few hours. Here’s a photo of granma with her cake (she’s 81 years old now):

And now what you’ve all been waiting for….. my WEEK 20 BABY BELLY PHOTO:
As you can see, I’ve DEFINITELY got a belly now! Baby is growing quickly but has lots more growing to do in the next 20 weeks! It’s hard for me to imagine that I’ll get even BIGGER than this, but I know I will!

And as questions are asked (via e-mail and/or the comments section of my blog – I DO read your comments!), I’ll try to answer them here so you can all read the answers. Recently Taya asked if I’ve had any cravings (and my mom asked if I’ve had any weird cravings). Truthfully, no. At least, no cravings more than I normally get in my regular "non-pregnant" state. Baby Seven was on an orange kick for awhile. And Mexican food. And those items still taste really good, but no craving for something so much that Dave or I had to go get that food item right away.

So keep those questions coming. Have a great Sunday evening/Monday morning (depending on when you read this)!


right now i am so happy i can’t stop smiling. one month from tomorrow we are GOING ON VACATION! i LOVE vacations. and this one is no exception. i’m tired of the rain. i’m tired of the cold. and we are going to CABO SAN LUCAS IN MEXICO! it’s our 2007 vacation and early anniversary celebration. i will be large and pregnant (okay – i’m already well on my way to the "large" part) but i don’t care. i am so excited to have a week off, a week away, a week in the sunshine (yippee for swimming pools, sand and the ocean) and a week of just dave and i. so if you see me smiling, now you know why!! all the details are set. for one price we got our airfare (out of Bellingham, even!) and our hotel accommodations and it’s an all-inclusive resort so our food is covered, too. whew. i love that part of all-inclusive vacations… no need to take your wallet to dinner!

and we’ll get some 20-week photos taken soon (tomorrow, most likely) and i’ll get them posted ASAP.

regular ultrasound

yesterday morning was our "regular" ultrasound (the standard one we all get at 20 weeks). it wasn’t as cool as we had hoped. or it wasn’t as cool as i had built it up to be. maybe it was the little screen. or the lack of really knowing WHAT we were looking at. i couldn’t see the four chambers of the heart (heck, i couldn’t even see the heart!) and i couldn’t see the brain… but it WAS cool to see baby seven doing the "running man" inside me. and it was really cool to see baby seven’s spine… it is truly amazing what God is creating inside of me right now.

despite the somewhat disappointing "regular" ultrasound, we are still planning on doing the 4D ultrasound (a month or two from now) and we even found a location in Bellingham that now does the ultrasounds, so we don’t have to go all the way to Seattle for the event! I’ve seen photos from 3D ultrasounds and i have a feeling that we won’t be disappointed with that one at all.

top off yesterday’s ultrasound with the reality that tomorrow will mark 20 weeks of my pregnancy and i still haven’t FELT baby seven move inside me. not a little flutter. no butterflies. no "gas bubbles." nothing like that. this little baby must take after momma and daddy… STUBBORN and will do things in his (or her) own sweet time!

pregnancy journal

Tomorrow is our ultrasound… and I am SO EXCITED for it. We’re not even planning to find out the sex of Baby Seven, but I’m eager to see Seven’s brain, four heart chambers and so much more. Our precious baby – I’m so eager to see more of him or her!

So in preparation of our pending ultrasound, here are some photos of the pregnancy journal I created to document this miraculous process, including the good and bad, the shopping, the excitement, the frustrations (like our story of trying to GET pregnant), etc. And I’ve been promising these photos to you for ages so it’s about time I get them to you, right?!

(that ultrasound photo you see is from our very first doctor’s visit on January 4th. the last photo shows that the book is getting pretty fat)!

unexpected shopping

TGIF dear friends and family!!! i had a wonderful day today – out shopping with Carrilee (and precious little Henry) to find a dress for her to wear to a family wedding TOMORROW. and ya know what… WE DID IT! a dress, a little bolero jacket and shoes - all purchased for less than $100! woo hoo! we started our adventure at Ross where she found a possible dress and a pair of shoes and i found four CUTE maternity shirts (for less than $35)!

After Ross, we headed to the mall where we visited Macys, Mariposa and Kohls in search of a dress for the wedding…. we found the PERFECT dress and little "jacket" at Mariposa and then we went on the search for shoes and jewelry. And we did find the PERFECT shoes to go with the dress and dressy jacket. And I was SO EXCITED to find some SUPER DARLING BRACELETS ON SALE at Kohls. I had just told Dave a week or so ago that I wanted to invest in some funky costume jewelry bracelets this summer… and I found a great deal at Kohls (40% off). Plus, I had a "coupon" that came in the mail at Kohls – $10 off any purchase (no minimum sale amount). So I spent less than $9 and purchased 3 sets of bracelets (16 individual bracelets in all):

So I had a GREAT shopping adventure today and I’m ready to head BACK to the mall tomorrow (with Cami) to buy some birthday presents (and maybe a few more goodies for me)!

Hope you like the little story of my day. I had a great time today and I love all the little pops of COLOR that I saw in the stores. I love springtime! ** This evening, while Dave was out at a movie with Tim (actually, he’s still there), I worked really hard to UPDATE my little "Waiting for Baby" Journal. I printed photos, added little captions and some journaling and I even took some photos… so hopefully one day this coming week I’ll FINALLY give you a glimpse of the little book I’ve created to document this pregnancy.


yep. my belly continues to grow. i had to teach at the scrapbook store yesterday and the ladies are all so kind – telling me that i look so tiny for someone who is 5 months pregnant (i’m at the beginning of my 5th month)! but i am definitely showing – and it depends what shirt i wear just how pregnant i look! :)   i think there will be a big difference in my "belly photos" from week 16 to week 20. i’ll be interested to see them side-by-side.

on another note, i’m looking forward to this weekend. i’m going dress shopping with a friend (she’s shopping, not me) on friday and on saturday i have a scrapbook activity with my darling friend Cami. and then we have a date for lunch and some shopping (i’ve gotta buy some birthday presents for people).

i’m still waiting to feel the baby move… the doctor said it could be up to 22 weeks before i feel the baby moving inside. i’m getting a bit antsy, but at the same time, maybe this lack of activity means i’ll have a "chill baby?!" i’m hoping so!! 

sorry no photos to post today. i’ll have to pull out the camera soon or dig up some old photos for my next few posts. and tonight is LOST and i’m glad the SUSPENSE of the show has returned. i also love the 16 weeks of all-new-episodes. i just wish it weren’t SO LATE AT NIGHT! off to wait for lost to begin…