spoiled says it all. our little baby seven – not yet born – is one very spoiled baby. momma (me) has been picking up things here and there as good sales are found. daddy buys baby things while on business trips. grandpa and grandma (dave’s parents) gave us a bag of blankets that used to belong to dave (and a sweater and two baby hats – one is the one he wore coming home from the hospital! it’s so tiny). aunt rachel bought a book and a puzzle for baby seven. crib bedding has been ordered (even though there’s no crib yet!). and today we came home from a long day at work to find a box on our porch addressed to "BABY DUNKIN." yep. not to dave. not to me. just to the baby.

nannah (my mom) has continued to stay VERY BUSY on the knitting/crocheting end of things. you may remember the yellow sweater, blanket and bonnet set she sent for my birthday? today baby seven received a white set. and apparently an aqua set is next on her "to make" list. the box also included three hand puppets (with squeakers in them), a prayer book (where the parents write in their prayers for their child) and a frame with the reminder verse in philippian (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). here are some photos:

yep. baby seven is spoiled. very spoiled. but at least there’s a large population of family and friends ready to love this little baby into this world!

THANK YOU, NANNAH, for Baby Seven’s first package!!!

and i’m working on creating some thank you cards (from baby seven) for all these fun goodies baby seven keeps receiving from people!  :)

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