saturday activities

yesterday, we helped our friends Brant and Trisha move into their FIRST HOME. they have baby Bubba due in one month (YAY!) and have just purchased their first home. It’s got a very large, open living room and a large finished AND unfinished basement. we were the "late arrivals" around 11 or 11:30, but we were also the last to leave around 8 p.m. Dave did a lot of CARRYING and UNLOADING of boxes, furniture and misc. stuff. I did a lot of UNpacking, cleaning, lining (drawers with contact paper), bed-making and I entertained Trisha throughout the day. By the time I remembered I wanted to take a photo of the couple in front of their new home, it was too dark outside, so I took one of them inside:
  and here’s a photo of Trisha unlocking her door for the first time after going out to dinner:

Brant took the boys out to dinner (b/c he took them to Costco to help carry a 185-lb. bookcase) and Trisha took the girls out. So many of Brant and Trisha’s family members were around all day to help with the move, but unfortunately they weren’t able to attend dinner. So Trisha, Carrilee (and Henry) and I went out for Mexican (Trisha and I were too tired to leave Lynden and Bubba and Seven were hungry!). After dinner, we stopped by Cindy’s house (Trisha’s sister’s place) to visit with their new puppy, Snickers. SO TINY. SO CUTE. HENRY was all about that little dog. Until he got a little eager with his head "pats" and Snickers wanted nothing to do with him! So here are some cute photos of Henry and Snickers while they were still friends:

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  1. I just want to know where you guys are getting all of your energy!!!! Does anyone make prenatal vitamins for Grandparents to be?

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