as promised, here are some photos of some of the layouts i created this weekend. i’ll post a few today and a few later this week… we’ll try to get ‘em all on here for your viewing pleasure. i love the layouts i created this weekend – all of them (yes, Shawn, even the one titled "blow"). so hopefully you like these, too. (oh – i apologize for the less than stellar photos – i’m too lazy to sit and scan & stitch them all, so photos will have to do! also, i still have to add the date on most of the layouts; REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE PHOTO/LAYOUT SO YOU CAN SEE IT LARGER/MORE CLEARLY)

  tam, cami & meg at the whatcom museum (rodin exhibit)
john & babi in philadelphia (from the art museum)
tom’s 18th birthday
cute henry wrapped up in daddy’s coat to keep him warm
tam and her favorite snowshoe activity (eating snow)!

4 thoughts on “layouts

  1. very cute!!! i especially like the one of all of us. gee, wonder why…anyway, we need to have a playdate sometime. i have so many pics to make pages for, i need a professionals help. hope things are good with you and baby seven! love you all.

  2. Fun layouts…gets me in the mood to make cards…I have some awesome paper I haven’t used yet. It’ll just all have to wait until after the conference…but then, watch out!!! Love ya.

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